Here are 103 retirement messages from other well wishers:

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Have a wonderful retirement! Thanks for all you have done to inspire younger generations of researchers and students!

Natalie Smoak
Purdue University
United States

Your text was my Intro.

MaryAnn Sorensen Allacci
City University of New York
United States

Dear Dr. Zimbardo,

I spent two days thinking of what to say .... what to say? Thank you for what you have done, and for ... what you are!!

Patrizia Steca
University of Rome

Many thanks for the exciting studies! Just thought you should know that our intramural soccer team, "Stanford Prison Experiment," is doing very well.

(Guards play offense, prisoners play defense, naturally. :))

--Weylin Sternglanz and Katie Hatch

W. & K. Sternglanz, Hatch
University of Virginia / University of Texas
United States

Dr. Zimbardo:

I am currently a high school junior taking an AP Psychology course. We frequently watch your videos, which turn out to be extremely helpful to us.

Thank you for your dedication to the science of psychology!

Chris Stover
Garnet Valley High School
United States

Many wishes for a well-deserved rest to one of my all-time heroes, and that's before I knew you were my son's mentor.

You're the best!

Gerry Straatemeier
Season for Nonviolence
United States

Dear Phil:

I want to join your many well-wishers in extending my good wishes to you on the occasion of your retirement, although I don't believe you will ever really retire!

Getting to know you as president of APA certainly was a "perk" of my job. Your warmth, enthusiasm, and generosity of spirit are unrivaled in my 30 plus years at APA.

Fred joins me in wishing you, Chris, and the family the best of everything in the coming years, dear friend.


Judy Strassburger
American Psychological Association
United States

Dear Dr. Zimbardo,

I really liked your Intro to Psych textbook -- made it a lot easier for me to decide to major in Psychology! :)

Enjoy your retirement because you deserve it! God bless.

Steven Tan
National University of Singapore

Dear Dr. Zimbardo,

When I first started teaching AP Psychology 10+ years ago, your books and videos "saved my life." Thank you for the contributions you have made over the years that have enhanced secondary Psychology courses and educated those of us who were new to the field. We couldn't have made it without you!!

Linda Teague
Leon High School
United States

As a graduate student, I was a teaching assistant for an undergraduate social psychology class. Dr. Zimbardo's work, particularly the Stanford Prison Study and the later work that grew out of it, was always of immense appeal and interest to the students. When I began teaching undergrad social psych myself, I built an entire section of my class around Dr. Zimbardo's work. Many of my students who went on to graduate school have commented that it was Dr. Zimbardo's work and other work like it that motivated a new and oftentimes unexpected interest in psychological research (in addition to their clinical interests). If I can have that sort of impact in my career, to encourage burgeoning scientists, I will have been successful.

Thank you, Dr. Zimbardo!

Cayla Teal, Ph.D.
Houston Ctr. for Quality of Care and Utilization Studies
United States

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