Here are 103 retirement messages from other well wishers:

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Best wishes for a long and happy retirement.

Haskell Pitluck
United States

Best wishes for continued success and long life.

Jason Reed
Purdue University
United States


Your innovative work contributed to my desire to enter the field of psychology. Your vision of psychology in building a better world served to energize me. Working with you in APA governance has been an honor and a privilege. You are an outstanding ambassador for psychology.

Bill Safarjan, Ph.D.
APA Council Representatives—California
United States

I was a freshman at Stanford and took Professor Zimbardo's Introductory Psychology course. It was fascinating -- he had a way of making the material come alive. I never imagined that I could learn from someone so gifted, smart, and human. I am now a psychologist and direct an internship program. I am ever so grateful that I took his class -- he sowed the seeds of my own curiosity and interest. Thank you so much.

Gloria Saito
University of California, Berkeley
United States

Dr. Zimbardo,

We watch a lot of your videos in class and we read about your experiments. So congrats on a successful career and good luck in the future!

Vicki Scheueran
Clayton High School
United States

Sorry. You will never retire from my classroom. My students watch you eat hamburgers, flinch when you fire the pistol, and act relieved when you make it through the peg word mnemonic. Thank you for enriching their learning experience.

Best wishes for a wonderful retirement.

Fran Schmitt
North Seattle Community College
United States

Dear Phil,

We all know that you enriched the lives of many undergraduates, but I can put a number on a portion of that added value. Since 1986, $14,044 in URO grants has been awarded to a dozen of the students whose honors theses and projects you supervised. There were also a few Firestone winners along the way. Your encouragement, inspiration, and collaboration has meant a lot to them and many others.

I hope that your retirement gives you more time to do things which you love to do, and I suspect that some additional undergraduates will be involved along the way. Best of luck.

Laura Selznick
Stanford University
United States

Dear Dr. Zimbardo --

It was a genuine pleasure having a chance to work with and assist you with your computer and communication needs during your year as APA President. I know that staff really appreciated the lunch time sessions spent with you viewing parts of the PBS series and having a chance to discuss them afterwards. I know that your personal approachability and your sense of humor help make the whole field of psychology as a subject, a practice and a science accessible to a wide variety of people. I have seen that here at the APA and at the APA convention. And besides being around another person who likes jazz, it is always a pleasure seeing someone doing something as well as you do... All the best in whatever you do in the future. We'll all be watching and hoping for more good things to come.

Bob Seward
American Psychological Association
United States


Love your videos -- they're awesome. You're a great teacher; hope you enjoy your retirement.

Peace and God bless.

Phillip Shearin
United States

Congratulations on a stunning career. May it continue in your emeritus phase!

Patrick Shrout
New York University
United States

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