Here are 103 retirement messages from other well wishers:

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Thanks for helping to keep my undergrads involved in (sociological) social psychology.

I find retirement joyful -- a permanent sabbatical. I hope you enjoy it, too.

David Heise
Indiana University
United States

Dear Dr. Zimbardo,

Thanks for all the wonderful and exciting research that you have contributed to the world of Psychology! I wish you all the best in your retirement, and may awesome things continue to come your way. :)

Geraldine Heng
National University of Singapore

I think that it is safe to say that Dr. Zimbardo's classes at Stanford literally changed the direction of my life. I took his Introduction to Psychology class during my sophomore year as a Chemical Engineering major to satisfy a distribution requirement. That class sparked an enduring interest in 1) psychology, 2) social psychology more specifically, and 3) higher education more broadly, opening a door to a world I scarcely knew existed.

While I may not share Phil’s panache (few do), I strongly share his desire to share the important lessons of our field with students and with the public so that those lessons need not be learned more painfully and repeatedly through individual and collective experience. I consider it a great gift that Phil opened that door for me so that I am able to write “our field” in referring to social psychology, both because of the great joy I take from being a social psychologist and because it means that I now share that vocation with Phil and so many others. Among my strongest aspirations, one important one is that I might share the gift he shared with me over a decade ago now -- a gift he has shared with so many of us -- that I might share that gift with even a small fraction of the number of people that he has, and perhaps, open a door or two in the process. And, my hope is, that in some small way, that that will convey to him my sincere gratitude.

John Hetts
Washington University
United States

Very best wishes for your retirement, Phil -- I can't imagine you taking it easy, so I wonder what you'll get up to now!

Stephen Hodgkin

Not that we are even remotely acquainted, but the Stanford Prison Experiment has stuck with me as an example of clever and socially relevant psychological research since I first read about it as an undergraduate. I still have to pry Intro Psych students away from discussing it -- it's either that or skip the rest of social psychology.

All the best.

Matthew Hogben
CDC and Oglethorpe University
United States

All the best on your retirement. You are an inspiration to all students of psychology, and I'm sure that your work will continue to influence students for many years to come.

Miranda Horvath
University of Surrey
United Kingdom

Dr. Zimbardo,

I have used your video series for many of my sections of Psychology courses and occasionally in my role as Director of Counseling. Your work, including direct research and developing teaching tools, have made psychology much more accessible, interesting, and understandable to countless students. Thank you and best wishes for a fulfilling retirement.

Jim Hull
Tompkins Cortland Community College
United States

Thank you very much for all your contributions to psychology and specifically to social psychology. We are all richer from the experience of knowing your work. A heartfelt thank you and best of luck in the future. You will be missed!

Mike Hull
Mesa State College / York University

Dr. Zimbardo:

I saw your Discovering Psychology video on the Stanford Prison Experiment when I was in high school. It totally turned me on to psychology and social psychology in particular! Thanks for all your contributions to the field and good luck in your retirement!

Chris Hulleman
University of Wisconsin--Madison
United States

Thanks so much for putting such a dignified and humble face on psychology. I wish you well.

George Kenna, Ph.D., R.Ph.
Brown University Medical School
United States

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