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Congratulations, Dr. Zimbardo.

A retirement well deserved! My mother (Ruth Cousins) and I are exceptionally fond of you for your kindness, research, and charm. A special thank you for giving Psi Beta recognition and support by presenting Psi Beta's Distinguished Lecture in 1991 for our 10th anniversary and the Ruth Hubbard Cousins Distinguished Lecture in 2001 for our 20th celebration. Both lectures were at APA conventions in San Franciso with standing room only. We felt so fortunate.

With appreciation and warmest regards,

Carol Tracy
Psi Beta
United States

At one time, I was a confused student looking for the perfect graduate program. I saw Dr. Zimbardo at the W.P.A. conference in Kona Hawaii. He was reading a newspaper in a garden area outside of his hotel room. When I came across Dr. Z., he was so helpful to me in offering his thoughts and reflections. We talked for about 30 minutes, during which he gave to me his undivided attention. I did find a wonderful graduate program, but I will never forget his generosity and the inspiration that he gave at a time when it was extremely needed.

Thank you, Dr. Zimbardo, for emphasizing the importance of teaching in more ways than simply in the classroom!!

Kari Tucker
Irvine Valley College
United States

Dr. Zimbardo,

Thank you for your passion, creativity, and dedication in teaching the discipline of psychology. You have inspired numerous students and teachers. I wish you well in your retirement and hope that you get lots of rest and relaxation!

Mayella Valero
American Psychological Association

Although we have not met, like many psychologists I count you among the influences that led me into psychology. There is the direct effect -- lectures on the Stanford Prison Experiment -- and a "one degree of separation" indirect effect through a former student who was a professor of mine in graduate school. Your address upon receiving an award from APA Division 1 in 2000 was the first time I had heard you in person. It was easy to see the reason for your success as a teacher and as a communicator of psychological understanding! The unity and importance of psychology came forth in a lively way.

Truly, yours is a career that the rest of us can only aspire to -- high-quality research, theoretical insight, inspirational teaching, community service. Thank you for setting us a challenging goal to reach for.

Best wishes on your retirement.

Jennifer Veitch
National Research Council of Canada

You will continue to be teaching in my IB Psychology classroom here in Portland, Oregon, long after you finish reading this note of best wishes and thanks from me, an APA TOPPS member. I hope many of my students grow up to be like you . . . Peace out. :-)

Mark Viebrock
Cleveland High School
United States

My very best wishes to you on your retirement.

Erlinda Viray
Stanford University
United States


Congratulations on a wonderful career and the occasion of your retirement. I was an undergraduate in the '70's, and everyone knew that you had to take "Zimbo's" class! Your course on madness was one of the best I ever took at Stanford. It was great to reconnect with you at the new Alumni Center recently when NBC filmed the documentary follow-up to your prison experiment.

Best wishes!

David Voss
Stanford University
United States


Way to go, dude! Enjoy the next phase of your amazing life.

Best wishes, and as we say in science, "Good luck."

Bob Weiss
University of Oregon
United States

My best wishes.

Your book about shyness was "the cornerstone" of my thesis about shyness and embarrassment 20 years ago, with Michael Lewis in Rutgers, New-Brunswik, N.J.

All the best,

Maya Weiss


I have used materials that you have developed and books that you have written over the last 30 years. Thank you for this, thank you for your leadership in APA, and please have a great retirement. Do something that you have always wanted to do but haven't. You deserve it.

Robert Wildblood
Indiana University--Kokomo
United States

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