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Dear Professor Zimbardo,

It was 1973, and I would sit spellbound in every session of your social psychology class. One day after you had finished lecturing about your prison study, you asked the class, "How many of you think that if your friends were asked, they would consider you a shy person"? Just a sprinkling of hands went up out of the 200 or so students. You then asked, "How many of you consider yourself shy"? And immediately at least three quarters of the students raised their hands. You then asked for volunteers for what was to become your landmark research on shyness.

Thank you for giving me a framework for thinking about how institutions affect how we behave. What you taught about the culture, and sometimes tyranny, of institutions gave me a perspective to understand my own role in the institutions of my life...from my family to the organizations for whom I work.

Thank you for being such a fantastic teacher, for your wonderful sense of humor, and for teaching me that we don't eat peanut butter because we like it, rather we like peanut butter because we eat it.

Have a great time!

Freddi Aronov, Birmingham, Alabama

Freddi Aronov
AB Pschology, Stanford University '73
United States

I first knew of you in the 70s as an undergraduate at Smith College when we learned of the Stanford Prison experiment. Deitrich Snoek and Len Bickman were the teachers I had for Social. Then in grad school I was in a "famous social psychologists" seminar, probably with Marv Shaw, and you (and Christina) were among the guests that term. Then I knew you as I talked about your work with students in my Social Psyc classes, and I have also used your Intro text when I teach that.

Congrats on a great career, and more importantly, on a wonderful, fun, humane life. Best of luck to you and I know you'll keep on as a social psychologist, even if not officially on a payroll for that! :)

Nancy Ashton
University of Florida Graduate
United States

Thanks for helping me teach scientific psychology to high school kids in a way that is meaningful to them. Even after 20 years, I could never have done it without you.

Beverly Beazley
James Martin High School
United States

Dear Phil,

The best wishes for your retirement!!!! And I hope, Austria and Salzburg have now a place in your desk diary!

Brigitta Beghella

Dr. Zimbardo,

I have only followed you through your research on shyness, your prison study and your hosting of the "Discovering Psychology" series. I have been consistently impressed with your tone and your commitment to furthering psychology as a discipline. My students every year here have enjoyed your non-stuffy style.

Thank you and good luck in retirement!

Paul Belanger
Bancroft School
United States

Dear Professor,

What can I say?

I wish you all the best for your retirement.

Today is a celebration of your work & life. I personally thank you for the help and support you gave me and my friends after our experiment in England 2002.

Remember, retirement is not the end, but the start. Now you can do those things you put on the "back burner" due to work commitments.


Have a great time today,

Philip Bimpson
University of Life?, Liverpool, England
United Kingdom

Loved meeting you at the Positive Psych meeting a few years back!

Congratulations on a great career!


Pat Blochowiak, M.D.
Global Awareness Through the Arts (& Sciences)
United States

Dr. Zimbardo--

Thank you so much for all of the hard work you have put in to advance the study of psychology. My students have enjoyed learning about the Prison Study, your writings (textbooks and articles), and the videos you have worked on. I have also enjoyed reading you in the APA Monitor. Thank you again and HAPPY RETIREMENT!

Stacy Brosier
Belvidere High School
United States

Congratulations on your retirement!! We certainly hope that you will continue to work ... and share the good that you do with us all! Many best wishes!!

Shannon Cannon
Stanford University
United States

Hi Professor,

I want to thank you for the contributions to the research in our field, but most of all I want to thank you for the innovative and nonconventional way you have chosen to reach these results!

Your career has been impressive, but I'm sure you'll continue to surprise us....

Hugs from Italy and....FORZA ROMA!

Cristina Capanna
Università degli studi di Roma

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