Here are 39 retirement messages from some of your fans and secret admirers:

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Dear Phil:

I hope your retirement does not mean that I never get to see you anymore. I have greatly enjoyed our meetings, mostly in company of my in-laws, Bob and Hazel. I am an admirer of the way you have made psychology accessible to students as well as to the larger public. I have also very much enjoyed reading your political commentaries, for example on the over-the-top and ineffective national responses to terrorism. I know nobody who has meant as much as an ambassador of psychology as you have. It will be hard for us -- the younger generation of psychologists -- to provide even partial replacement.

All the best, I hope to still see you on occasion.

Batja Mesquita
Wake Forest University
United States

In August 2003 at the APA convention in Toronto, I was fortunate enough to see the master at work when Dr. Zimbardo hypnotized an audience comprised of hundreds. After reading for years about Dr. Zimbardo and his tremendous contributions to the field in academic textbooks and journals, I felt awestruck.

His presence at my first visit to APA will have a lasting impression on me.

Thank you for all your hard work in the field! Good luck!

Alexa Mislowack
Fordham University- Lincoln Center
United States

Dr. Zimbardo,

I am a TOPPS member who wants to tell you that you have made teaching psychology to high school students so much easier!

I use the Discovering Psychology videos to introduce concepts and have found them to be most effective. I also use Quiet Rage with the AP Psychology class. Since I have 5 different preps each semester, I need things that work well! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Best Wishes from Texas,

Denise Moore
Splendora High School
United States

Congratulations on your retirement! We watch your psychology series in our class. They are extremely interesting. We still want to know...what ever happened to Little Albert???

Best wishes on your retirement!

Danielle and Amanda Moore and Gilbert
United States

Thanks for the television series and the prison study!!

Michelle Oja, M.A.
Claremont Graduate University
United States

Dear Dr. Zimbardo,

Although we have never met, I feel as if we have. Separated by distance, we have been brought together, so to speak, by technology -- at least on my end! Of course, your research and teaching contributions to psychology are classic and will have far-reaching effects through unknown generations of psychologists. But I must admit you have truly "come alive" for me through the Discovering Psychology series. As a university educator myself, I have used selected programs in various classes (my favorite episode being The Power of the Situation, by the way) -- rather surprising for a physiological psychologist! Over the years, the sound of your voice (love the Bronx accent), your mannerisms and smile have become so familiar. I have come to feel like I have a colleague in the classroom with me, particularly someone who is interested in reaching out to students and making psychology real to them.

I'm glad to have this opportunity to say thanks, Dr. Zimbardo, for your dedication to the field of psychology, for your timeless contributions of knoweldge to the field through research, and your inspiration to us oft-overlooked educators. I also thank you on behalf of the many students whose education and lives you have touched. You have left a precious legacy, and we are the heirs. Thanks for the inheritance.

Many blessings upon your retirement.

Shana Pack
Western Kentucky University
United States

Dear Phil,

Congratulations on your well-deserved retirement. You have been and will continue to be a true inspiration to all of us. Not many can look back at this juncture and claim to have had such an incredible impact on their chosen field as you can now. May each day forward be a day when you do exactly what you want to.

I love you madly!

Lisa and the
Phillips Graduate Institute Community

Lisa Porché-Burke, Ph.D.
Phillips Graduate Institute
United States

Dr. Zimbardo:

I have enjoyed reading about your studies, watching candid camera, and listening to your presentations at WPA conferences.

Happy Retirement!

Alicia Porter
Northwest Nazarene University
United States

To say you have influenced everyone who has studied social psychology in the last 30 years would simply be an understatement. Thank you for all the great research you have done, and for being such a great public face for social psychology. Those of us in the field are fortunate to have had your work to build on, and to have you as a teacher of us and spokesman for us.

Enjoy retirement!

Brian Quigley
RIA, University at Buffalo
United States

Dr. Zimbardo,

Thank you for all you have done for psychology. You would never know what a big fan base you have! By the end of my A.P. Psychology course, my students come to love you and can't wait to see clips of Discovering Psychology.

Just want you to know your influence reaches farther than you probably realize.

Thank you and good luck in your retirement.

Shannon Rice
Sickles High School, Tampa, Florida
United States

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