Here are 39 retirement messages from some of your fans and secret admirers:

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Best wishes on your retirement, Dr. Zimbardo. Your video series and writings have contributed greatly to my personal knowledge about psychology and the education of my students in New Jersey.

Dave Griffiths
Ewing High School
United States

Dr. Zimbardo:

I have long admired your extensive contributions to the field of psychology, and your video series "Discovering Psychology" has been a fundamental component of my Introductory Psychology classes since I started teaching 13 years ago. It was a genuine pleasure to see your live presentation at the 2002 APA convention in Chicago. I hope you have a long and happy retirement!

Shirley Hensch
University of Wisconsin Colleges
United States

Dr. Zimbardo--

Congratulations on your retirement! Your research has been very exciting to learn about.

Best of luck in the future!

David Jensenius
Wesleyan University
United States

I saw you on TV and it inspired me to study psychology. Thank you and best wishes on a long and happy retirement!

Julie Joffray
Texas A&M University--Corpus Christi
United States

Dr. Zimbardo,

Thank you for all that you have done for psychology and for those of us in education. You are an inspiration and I am honored to have been able to teach while you were active in the field. Thank you again on behalf of myself and the thousands of students I have taught psychology to over the years.

Annie Kitchen
Menchville High School Newport News, VA
United States

Hello, Phillip G. Zimbardo. Thank you for your contribution to the psychology field. You are a great inspiration. Good luck on your retirement.

Nan Kramer
Myers Park High School
United States

You are so great~!!!

Retirement... seems another start in life! Enjoy!!! I believe psychology is always with you!

Christie Lee

Hi there,

I got to know this site by my sister, who is studying psychology in NUS. I read the textbook you wrote and found that it's so interesting!! Discover so many facts and laugh at this is how I behave, too. At first I do not know what psychology was about, but now I do. Will consider taking it up when I finish A level.

Psst... I look up to ya, too! Enjoy yourself here in Singapore.

All the best! ^0^

Candice Li

I have been a high school counselor for 39 years and have a paperback copy of the Brief 6th Edition of Psychology & Life plus the 6th & 8th edition. I always found the text and especially the examples things I wanted to save. Thank you for all you have done for psychology. Enjoy your retirement, but I feel sure you'll keep giving to the field.

Carole Lonneman
Villa Madonna Academy, Kentucky
United States

Dr. Z:

Thanks a bunch for all those neat-o psychology videos. I was totally intrigued by one of your experiments displayed on the series: the prison one. It was quite fascinating.

I wish you a happy retirement, and once again, thanks for the info on psych. You will be missed. :)

Dani M.
Mepham High School
United States

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