Here are 39 retirement messages from some of your fans and secret admirers:

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Dr. Z,

Thanks for not being too "shy" about sharing with the world what shyness is all about.

You R Awesome
Harvard University
United States

Dr. Zimbardo,

It was a pleasure to meet you when you visited St. Louis. You raised some excellent points that have made me rethink the state of psychology. Psychology is a stronger discipline as a result of your contributions.

Warmest wishes on your retirement.

Stephen Axelrad
Saint Louis University
United States

Dr. Zimbardo,

I've always admired your work -- I hope you have a fantastic retirement!

Candace Baer
University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point
United States

I just want to thank Phil Zimbardo for being a role model in graciousness toward students.

The first psych conference I attended was MPA in Chicago (1984?), and Phil Zimbardo was a keynote speaker. We enjoyed his talk very much (we just finished seeing many DRY presentations) and we waited to speak to him when he finished.

Although I have always done well in classes, I was always afraid to talk to professors. When it was my turn to comment on what he said, I stammered and became very nervous. While other presenters would have either ignored me or been embarrased by my "plight," Phil Zimbardo waited until I calmed down and eased me into commenting.

I will never forget how such a well-known figure made a nervous undergrad feel "all right."

I only hope I can be as gracious to others and make them feel the way he made me feel that day.

Cheryl Boglarsky
University of Detroit
United States

My students have learned much from your coming into our classroom through your video series. As a teacher of high school students, I have used many of your materials to capture their interest. As a TOPSS member I have appreciated your leadership and guidance. Very best wishes to you at this milestone of life.

Kathie Boop
Northeastern High School (York County)
United States

You have always been one of the most interesting personalities in Social Psychology. Your ideas have spoken directly to my own experiences as both a social graduate student and human being. Thank you for your creativity, energy, and impeccable instincts.

Valerie Bussell
University of Houston
United States

As a frequent teaching assistant and lecturer in BU's Psychology Department, I have often found myself listening to Phil Zimbardo talking to a group of students as he walks through Stanford's Psych basement. I speak of him and his work as though he were a long-time friend and colleague. I never imagined, therefore, that my reaction to meeting him in person would be one of awe! When he walked into the restaurant where I was working to ask for a table I was so surprised that I was momentarily mute, and finally regained my senses and seated him in our best section with some complimentary appetizers. My apologies for hanging over you like a movie star, Phil, but I hoped you enjoyed Legals' Boston hospitality. Now when I present your work I really can speak of you as though I know you!

Susana Carella
Boston University
United States

Dr. Zimbardo,

Although I read about you in Intro to Psychology 5 years ago, I first became really familiar with your work when you gave your "Psychology of Evil and Politics of Fear" talk at St. Louis U. What you've done in your research and outspoken advocacy for appropriate and necessary handling of issues surrounding "evil," prejudice and manipulation by fear is commendable and inspirational. You personally have given me a vision of a better way things can be done in our world. Thank you for your insightful research and your willingness to speak against what we are led to believe (by our media/government).

Joe Donlin
United States

I have always been inspired by your research, books and videos that present psychology as an extremely exciting field. I am now close to completing my doctorate in psychology, and I hope that my career will be at least half as productive as yours.

Best wishes for your retirement!

Marta Edgar
University of North Dakota
United States

Dear Dr. Zimbardo,

I would like to personally thank you for exposing me to such brilliance through your series of videos... it has enlightened my life to such a great extent... I will never forget the services you have provided for me. Enjoy your retirement...

Jen Elizabeth
United States

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