Here are 32 retirement messages from some of your personal friends and family members:

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Dear Philip,

Just some few words, because I arrive today exhausted from Cyprus and will leave tomorrow to Guatemala for 4 weeks. So, on the 1st of November, I shall not be able to be with you, but while staying with the Mayas in the Cuchumatanes mountains I shall have that special day a VERY WARM thought for you. I hope we shall meet as soon as possible!!!



Dearest Pop -

What a wonderful celebration of your dazzling lifework! What can I say? Sei il papa piu fantasico del mondo. I could not be a more glowing-with-pride daughter.

Your inexhaustible energy, your perpetually inspired creativity and innovation, your courage and vision to battle the fascist elements of our society, and your hip dance moves are a constant inspiration and motivation for me to fully and passionately embrace life. I hope that you can thoroughly bask in the joy of this celebration of YOU.

I certainly am, not just this weekend, but always.

lovelovelove - Zara

Zara Maria Zimbardo
Zim Clan
United States

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