Here are 32 retirement messages from some of your personal friends and family members:

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Dear Phil,

We just want to give you our best wishes. It is rare to know someone who is so sweet and friendly, yet smart and even politically adept. Popular and successful without a hint of narcissism. You really care about others. We love you a lot.

Art and Elaine Aron
United States

Hello, my uncle!

Such a wonderful and well-deserved tribute to you!

You have touched SO many lives and have made such a difference in every arena of your life.

I am extremely proud of you, Uncle. Your presence in my life has been to experience love, joy, adventure, and passion for all things. Thank you for always sharing your love for life and lending me that wonderful example to live by.

May you find much peace and happiness at this very special time and know the joy of so much love from so many you've touched...

I love you, Uncle.

Congratulations and have a wonderful retirement!

Donna Bardot-Zimbardo
United States


I can thank you for all the exposure, etc. Thank you. But the reason I love you so dearly is because it feels like you love me. You are the one person who understands how I survived everything and why. Your empathic response to me makes me cry. I love you.

Martha Curtis
United States

You meet many people on the journey, but some are ablaze in neon lights. Phil gave us cause for sunglasses!! A man fun to be with, and awesome at the same time. You are helpless. You absolutely have to love him, and he deserves all the admiration and affection. We are both rapt and his fans we are high on the list, are proud of his enormous contributions -- both to his profession and his family and friends. You are a rare gem, sweet Phil, and we applaud you loudly.

Always with love,

Barbara and Walter Gizzé
United States

Hi Phil. From NOT so humble beginnings in South Bronx (were we ever humble, not a chance!), to a lustrous career. Enjoy your retirement as you've enjoyed your life and career, to the max!


Sam Glucksberg
Princeton University
United States

Dear Zim,

You have been an incredible mentor and friend -- cool, brilliant, and yet somehow also genuinely caring. Remarkable, really... In fact, I can't think of anyone else who can carry off that little trio of traits.

It would be difficult to list my favorite memories of you, as there are so many of them. Suffice it to say: your inspiration played a rather significant role in my going into Psychiatry, and I hope to spend the rest of my career and clinical life reflecting and emulating that. Now that you are (theoretically) going to be less busy, and I am back in the Bay Area, hopefully we'll get a chance to hang out some time.

Thanks for being the absolute BEST there is.

Your pal,
Jim Hammel, MD, MA, MSc

Jim Hammel
Stanford <-> Harvard
United States

ALOHA! AND CONGRATULATIONS! I will glue you back together when you get in this week. ALOHA! AND MAHALO! for being my friend, and client.

Jerry Huber
United States

Dear Phil,

Do you remember Berlin? Strudel at Cafe Einstein and eating ice in Potsdam? There are still students coming to me, telling me how impressed they were of "Mr. Psychology." I will never forget your visit here, that exciting week. And some time I will tell my grandchildren of that visit. Thank you for that.

Your "buddy" of the Berlin Conference of the German Society of Psychology (DGPs).

Anna Husemann
Humboldt-University of Berlin

Dr. Zimbardo, whom I also know so well as Uncle Phil:

When I think of you, I imagine someone with endless energy only found in a three-year old in the midst of a sugar fix. I don't know where you get it all except to say it probably has something to do with the passion you extend in anything you do. I can't wait to get you strapped into a kite on the beach.

With love and laughter,

Naguib Khoury
I'm Marrying Your Niece

Men seek out retreats for themselves in the country, by the seaside, on the mountains... But all this is unphilosophical to the last degree... when thou canst at a moment's notice retire into thyself.
--Marcus Aelius Aurelius

You are lucky, Phil, since you could comfortably and richly retire into yourself. Hopefully, you will not do it and will keep on your altruistic and caring mission – you know we all, the world, needs you.

Love, JaMa

Martina and James Klicperova-Baker
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
United States

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