Here are 483 retirement messages from some of your colleagues:

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The brevity of this message is reflective of the fleeting moment in which we met. Yet, the enthusiasm in conveying your ideas and the inquisitiveness of your science will certainly impact me at a very deep level for some time to come. While you may be knocking on the door of a well-earned retirement, your contributions to science and the connections that you’ve forged with those who have had the good fortune to interact with you will endure. Psychology, and science in general, is a better place, thanks to you. Best of luck.

James Churchill
Saint Louis University
United States

Best wishes in your retirement.

Anthony Chuukwu
APA Staff
United States

Dr. Zimbardo:

I have taught an introductory course in psychology 2-3 times per semester for many years, and all of these students have had the opportunity to learn first hand by way of your video series much more than they ever would have without it. Thank you so much for your dedication and lifetime commitment to the teaching of psychology.

Gary Coates
Princeton High School
United States

Thank you! You have been and are a wonderful, positive and creative force in international psychology!

With great appreciation!

Jonathan Cohen
Center for Social and Emotional Education
United States

Muchas gracias por sus aportaciones a la psicología social en el mundo. Nos trajo de nuevo la realidad social al laboratorio y nos recordó lo importante saber detenerse cuando la ética lo demanda. Su labor será recordada -y analizada- por muchas generaciones, y esperemos que podamos sacar las conclusiones adecuadas para un mundo mejor.

Carlos Contreras-Ibáñez
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Iztapalapa

I send you Memory Lane's very warm and nostalgic best wishes from (in serial order): (1) a Miller Industries colleague at Yale; (2) the host of your first engagement party; (3) a colleague again at NYU; (4) the sponsor of a mystery admirer; (5) an advocate of George on his move from uptown to downtown; (6) a person with deep gratitude (a) for your touching 1980 tribute to Neal E. Miller and (b) for your help in arranging the APA tribute to him this year.

To these roles I've played in your magical life, I hope to add at least two others: (7) Neal's biographer-in-process who looks to you to help fill in some gaps in Neal's illustrious life; and (8) a continued friend in what I trust will be a continued magical life for you.

Ted Coons
New York University
United States

Congratulations on your retirement! Over the past several years I feel that I have become acquainted with you through your excellent Discovering Psychology series and through your leadership in APA! My general psychology students do individual projects each semester. As part of their presentations, I have had several students who made their own "Discovering Psycholgy" videos impersonating Dr. Zimbardo!! FUN!! I will never forget you and the impact you have had on the profession. Take care and enjoy!

Dr. Mary Coplen
Hutchinson Community College
United States

Thank you very much for being an outstanding psychologist and outstanding APA President. Your research, professionalism, amazing teaching abilities, honesty, integrity, and support for diverse people and organizations are all greatly appreciated. Hope you have a wonderful retirement -- you deserve it!

Jenny Cornish
Association of Counseling Center Training Agencies
United States

Retire -- you've earned it -- but don't quit!

There's only one PGZ.

Chris Crandall
University of Kansas
United States


You are a dear friend to so many who meet you, and I am honored to know you and feel a closeness, first as a research associate at Stanford with Jack Hilgard and then ever since. Your confidence and warmth, ala the flamboyant Italian style, is wonderful and catching!

You first amazed me when you did group hypnosis sessions, dressed in black and looking ever so sinister, with 500+ introductory psychology students. But you astounded Jack Hilgard ever so much when he discovered that you didn't get everyone to say they were hypnotized and that the same hypnotic scale distribution was there, as when Jack and his proper assistants in white medical lab coats did their group assessments.

You are the ambassador not only for psychological science, but also, more importantly, for all of humankind -- especially those who have had rough times. You've brought psychology to the masses and they have turned to you. You have leapt into areas that other psychologists sometimes fear to tred, exploring evil and how good people can do bad things, and you have helped us to understand.

Retirement from Stanford is but one of many transitions you have experienced, and we all look forward to learning of, and being influenced by, your next (and continuing) adventures in psychology and life.

With much appreciation,

Helen Crawford
Virginia Tech
United States

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