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A poem for you:

Books, Masks, Slides, Time,
Prisons, Proctors, Shyness, Wine,
Stanford, DC, Italy, Greece,
Torture, Trances, Madness, Feasts,
Lab Coats, Class Notes, Canes, Charisma,
Phi Beta Kappa, Candid Camera,
Family, Friends, Fame, and Fun,
Dr. Z, You're Number One!!!

And a message:

Thank you for guiding me into the world of social psychology, spirited teaching, and creative research, and for remaining a model and friend!


Carolyn Weisz
University of Puget Sound
United States

Hi Phil,

My heartfelt congratulations on your awe-inspiring career. You have been a superb role model for more of us than you can imagine. I hope you enjoy your "retirement."

Wayne Weiten
United States

Phil has been an inspiration to me for decades with his zest, competence, sense of humor, scholarly creativity, and respect for his fellow humans. It was a privilege to work with him on the Discovering Psychology TV series, to hear his always lively lectures at APA conventions, Stanford University, and elsewhere, and to see him run APA's Council of Representatives so effectively even though, compared with most of the C/R members, he was a political tyro. His contributions to psychology in research, teaching resources, and administration have been immense. Here's hoping that his psychological activities after "retirement" will continue at full speed ahead.

Warmest wishes to him!

Michael Wertheimer
University of Colorado
United States

Dear Phil,

Thanks for your contribution to the field. I wish you many fruitful years in teaching, writing, and scholastic contributions.

Mina Westman
Tel Aviv University

What is there to say other than that Phil is the quintessential psychologist -- researcher, leader, mentor, friend. You have devoted your life to psychology. You are an inspiration, and I feel honored to have gotten to know you. Thank you for everything you have contributed and for the remarkable legacy you have left. No one will fill your shoes (even your dancin' shoes!), but through your mentoring, you have created a legacy that will allow us to keep putting life into psychology!

Susan Whitbourne
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
United States

Dear Phil,

I first met you in 1970 when you did a multi-slide projector presentation for the Psych Dept at the University of Oregon. I thought, "Wow, pychology is going to be a lot a fun." That's one of your many talents, making psychology fun and exciting for the general audience and your fellow professionals.

Thanks for letting me help your campaign for APA President. We're so lucky to have you.

Best wishes,

Geoffry White
United States

Dear Phil,

I DEEPLY admire people who see the whole field -- generalists, as you described yourself.

Your teaching in Poland during WISE (Warsaw International Summer Education) is unforgettable for all people who were able to listen to you.

This year we have started a post-diploma Internet based program, “Psychology of Change,” and I chose for the introduction to the field ... “Psychology and Life” -- the most sophisticated book giving the reader the impression of taking part in conversation with a distinguished, knowledgeable, and versatile scholar who is able to explain clearly even the most difficult problems with wisdom and humor.

Please keep writing and come to Poland again!!!

Grazyna Wieczorkowska
Warsaw University

Dear Dr. Zimbardo:

I have been teaching social psychology for about 38 years. For the last 25 of those years, I have used one of your primary sources at least 50 times. Your “Society” paper, “Pathology of Imprisonment,” though short, is a classic that goes right to the heart of most of the conceptual shortcomings of modern psychology. You are a treasure, and I thank you for playing a very important part in my intellectual and professional life.

Edwin Willems
University of Houston
United States

Dear Phil,

At a personal level, I've been fortunate enough to chat with you a few times at conferences and to attend a few of your talks. Despite our infrequent encounters, you've always taken time to talk to me like I'm your old friend. It is your work, however, that has and continues to inspire me as a social psychologist. You have infused the field of social psychology with your infectious creativity and excitement. I thank you for that and so do my students.

Enjoy your retirement, but I hope you continue to do for the field what you, and virtually no one else, has been able to do.

Kip Williams
Macquarie University

Noooooooo!!!! Don't retire!!!!! Our students need you as their dancing partner at meetings and conventions! We'll surely miss you, Phil.

It's been an honor to know you and work with you. Thank you for your immeasurable contributions to psychology and to the lives of countless students, colleagues, and citizens.

Carol Williams-Nickelson
United States

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