Here are 483 retirement messages from some of your colleagues:

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Oh my GOSH!!!! You are retiring???? Congratulations!!!! However, PLEASE STAY!!!! My Advanced Placement Psychology kids LOVE your films and text and are DYING to meet you! I wish you well in your retirement and I so HOPE you continue to give lectures.... And if not....enjoy your days of relaxing....


Audrey Trevathan
Chippewa Valley High School, Michigan
United States

Have a wonderful, healthy, active retirement! I have that kind of retirement, and it is unbelievable. I have never been so happy doing what I enjoy doing. I wish you the best.

Harry Triandis
University of Illinois
United States


Thank you for all that you have given our department, Stanford, and the field of psychology!

Warm regards and best wishes,

Jeanne Tsai
Stanford University
United States

You would be surprised to read about my association with Zimbardo. It was at the APA annual convention in Toronto in 1993. I was browsing the books at the stall of HarperCollins Publishers and was looking inside the pages of "Psychology and Life" (13th Edition). A person came from behind and asked me about the book.

"How you find this book?"

I said it is excellent!

"Then why don't you buy one?"

My spontaneous and truthful reply was, "It is expensive for me. I come from India, and this money ($50) is too much for me to pay, so though I like the book, I can't buy." This man whose uniquely bearded face was becoming more charming to me, smiled and said, "You take it."

I was amazed that I could do it. I again repeated that it is expensive for me. He said, "You take it, I am Zimbardo." He signed it for me with these lines, "Prof. Kailash Tuli, August 1993. With warm personal regards, Philip G. Zimbardo."

My joy knew no bounds. I remembered at such an exciting moment I hugged him and he too reciprocated my sentiments. Ten years are over and I have not got another opportunity of meeting him again, though from time to time, we remain in touch. You can imagine my pride in possessing this book, which I might have shown to tens of students and colleagues, with one of my life's most exciting and memorable experiences!

I am not sure if you will recall that in the winter of 1994, Zara came to India. Zimbardo had given my telephone number to her and it was again a joy for me and my family to have Zara in our home for a lunch. Zimbardo also sent me a lovely family photo, with a personal note to me.

It is indeed again great for me that when he was APA President, despite his busy schedules and work pressures, he replied to my emails. Zimbardo is a fountain of energy, motivation and a message to fellow psychologists to work for the enhancement of the discipline. He is an institution within himself, and Stanford University is known to many as the place of Zimbardo. I must say that you are a proud wife of such a great psychologist and Zimbardo is equally wedded to psychology and you of course!!! I wish him a very happy and creative life, and his guidance will illuminate the minds of millions of psychologists and budding psychologists all over the globe.

Kailash Tuli
University of Delhi

Ah, Phil, one of my fondest memories is when you hypnotized my entire Psych 1 class. I tried my best to come under your spell myself, but no luck. I did, however, resist any temptation to laugh as the entire class swatted non-existent flies. Then, in spite of the effort and the lunch hour, you spotted one undergrad who didn't emerge, and sat with her patiently pulling her back to the here and now.

Of course, the main trouble with that amazing lecture was returning the next session to mine....

Barbara Tversky
Stanford University
United States

Several years ago when I was still a graduate student, I spotted you at an APA Division 8 social hour and decided to introduce myself -- a nerve-racking experience for a young person. But I had no need to worry -- you were warm and welcoming. I told you I often used the film of the Stanford Prison Experiment in my social psychology discussion section, and then mentioned that I was born in August 1971, the month it was filmed. As this was APA and August, your reply was appropriate and charming: "Happy birthday," you said.

Jean Twenge
San Diego State University
United States

Dr. Zimbardo;

For years, I have been using your texts, films and TV broadcasts to help promote learning among my psychology students. You have certainly become an icon in the teaching of psychology. I wish you the best in your retirement, but know, in my heart, that you will continue to be an educator forever!

Loreta H. Ulmer, M.Ed.
Delaware Technical & Community College
United States

I have always admired Phil for his creative studies that challenge our field to go beyond simple experimental models. However, more recently, I admire Phil for his willingness to take a stand based on his convictions about the wrong-headedness of current U. S. policy. He is an inspiration to us all.

Rhoda Unger
Brandeis University
United States


Congrats on a long and very prestigious career. You have set the new standard for us youngsters that are following your model of ethics and commitment to our profession.

You don't have to retire, Zim. Come back and teach us some more.

Steven Ungerleider
United States

Dear Dr. Zimbardo,

Thanks for taking me through the wonderful world of human psychology, starting from "Discovering Psychology" over to the "Psychology of Evil" to the "Secret Power of Time!"

You're the man, Phil!

Christian Unkelbach
University of Heidelberg

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