Here are 483 retirement messages from some of your colleagues:

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Personally, I treasure your flair, courage, and good taste in food. You also gave us all permission to make our studies as interesting as possible. I didn't always follow your lead, but at least I knew that I should. And, I always asked myself this question about my research -- will people find this interesting?

I have not forgotten when I first met you -- descending from a plane in Austin in your black Z cape with the armadillo marching band blaring in the background. This is my kind of guy, thought I. Steve Martin played at being a wild and crazy guy -- but you are the real thing.

Walter Stephan
New Mexico State University
United States

Phil, It is hard to believe you are retiring. Your career is a model of what anyone would wish his or her career to be. It could not have been more distinguished. And you were a wonderful mentor to me during my year as President-Elect of APA. Thanks so much for that and for your continuing support.

I suppose that, now that you are retiring, you will be moving to Miami Beach or some such and will be wondering what to do with your house. I will gladly take it off your hands so you do not have to bother with the messy work of putting it up for sale. As you know, you will then be able to deduct its full value on your taxes. Thanks, Phil, and good luck in your new career! I'll greatly miss having you on the APA Board, and so will we all.

Bob Sternberg
Yale University
United States

Dear Phil,

Congratulations on your retirement, with much appreciation for your many landmark contributions to our understanding of human behavior.

With best wishes,

Dan Stokols
School of Social Ecology, UC Irvine
United States

I have "Discovered Psychology" with my students for 8 years now! Thank you for your insight, humor, enthusiasm, and leadership.

Carol Stonecipher
National Park Community College
United States

You have been a great help in making psychology accessable to so many -- a distinction without match. You also have been very key in helping me and my work.

Thank you very much for all you have done. You are an incredible person and remarkable psychologist.

Chris Stout
Center for Global Initiatives
United States

Dear Phil,

I cannot believe that you are retiring! You are still one of the youngest social psychologists I know. I owe you a lot and hope your new status as an emeritus will allow you to travel more, perhaps even to Wuerzburg where we will organize the 2005 General Meeting of the European Association. Consider yourself invited. Sincere thanks, warm regards to your family, and all the very best.

Fritz Strack
University of W├╝rzburg

Dear Phil,

You are not really retiring? But if you are, all the best wishes from both of us.

Margaret & Wolfgang Stroebe
Utrecht University

Dear Phil,

What a pleasure it's been to serve as a staff member at APA during your Presidential years! You are an inspiration to all of us.

Rena Subotnik
Education Directorate. APA
United States


This may seem like "goodbye" to employment...but retirement is really "wonderful hello" to your next life!

You have had such an influence and impact on Psychology and on every person you've touched directly...and indirectly. I want to especially offer my personal thanks for your willingness to become the President of the American Psychological Association, thereby doing your part to help maintain the presidency as a fit responsibility for academics and scientists.

May your next life continue your productivity as a mentor, scholar, and particularly role model!

Dick Suinn
Colorado State University
United States

Congratulations on an amazing career. Thanks for being a great spokesperson for psychology.

Enjoy your retirement!

Janet Swim
The Pennsylvania State University
United States

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