Here are 483 retirement messages from some of your colleagues:

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Congratulations on your stellar career, and best wishes for many happy, healthy, and productive years of "retirement."

Paul Slovic
Decision Research
United States

Hi Phil,

Congratulations on your retirement!

I have been reminiscing on the lessons I took from interactions with you while I was a grad student in the early-mid 80's.

I still draw on lessons learned in your "On being a professional psychologist course" -- both personally, and as an advisor to current grad students. Your contributions to the social bag lunch series the whole area sometimes held have made several impressions that persist in positive and meaningful ways.


Craig Smith
Vanderbilt University
United States


Congratulations on your upcoming retirement. If I know you, retirement will simply mark a change in direction for you--a different way to channel your energy.

Thanks for all you've done over the years to raise the visibility and prestige of teaching psychology. I think you've helped greatly to make teaching a respected and worthwhile activity.

Best regards,
Randy Smith
Editor, Teaching of Psychology

Randy Smith
Kennesaw State University
United States

Thanks for helping to make social psychology the most interesting class we offer our undergraduates.

Stephen Smith
North Georgia College
United States

Dear Phil,

On the occasion of your retirement, let me express my gratitude for all that you have done for all of us. Your contributions in research, education, and advocacy have changed the face of psychology and its place in the world. I wish you all the best as you move on to new challenges.

Thanks, Dr. Z.

Mark Snyder
University of Minnesota
United States

You have made great contributions to Psychology. I loved your columns as APA President--very upbeat and positive.

I retired this year (3 months and 16 days) after 40 years at Davis. Now I'm trying to make sense and do some good in this next life stage.

Bob Sommer
UC Davis
United States

Retirement!! TA-DA!! Thank you for all the tremendous support you have given to all the members of TOPSS!! You are and shall always be a tremendous asset to high school psychology!!

Thank you!!!

Mary Spilis
HS Educator/TOPSS
United States

Congratulations, best wishes, and thanks for your wisdom, contributations, and friendship.

Cheryl Spinweber
Western Psychological Association
United States

Phil --

As a Stanford student long ago, and now a textbook author in Developmental Psychology, published by Worth, I have always admired you and your work. You are my role model and idol. Keep it up, as I know you will.

Kathleen Stassen Berger
Bronx Community College
United States

Dear Phil,

A bit strange saying it to you this way, but I didn't want to miss the chance.

First, a salute: You've had more truly creative and insightful social psychological ideas than just about anybody -- I've loved them from the dissonance days on. You are best teacher I know. I really learned to teach by reading your instructors' handbook for your intro text. It was a thrill to then actually teach with you. And you have brought real humanity to this department. It will not be the same without you.

So second, a wish: All the best to you and the family, may your work continue to prosper, and don't go too far away.


Claude Steele
Stanford University
United States

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