Here are 483 retirement messages from some of your colleagues:

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When I was a young undergraduate at NYU University College of Arts and Sciences, I had a gifted professor of psychology who taught a wonderful introductory course. You were already a great teacher in the early 1960's, and I have been privileged to know you as a teacher and as a colleague. Your contributions to the education of a myriad of Stanford students are legendary, and all of us on the faculty here are appreciative of how much you have contributed to the intellectual life on campus.

Stay well, and I look forward to continuing to work with you on projects such as the PGSP/Stanford Consortium.

Best regards on a wonderful day.

Alan F. Schatzberg, M.D.
Stanford University School of Medicine
United States

You opened the door of your place in a bathrobe and I was astonished. This was when we first met in 1999, when I was on a sabbatical at Berkeley, editing a book with Christina. Immediately, we were involved in a stimulating discussion "about everything," just like on other future occasions. I hope that you enjoy(ed) the Stanford dinner and that you also enjoy your "free"(?) time that lies ahead of you.

Wilmar Schaufeli
Utrecht University

You are so well-known in all my classes, from research methods to introductory psychology and social psych. Thank you for providing us with so many years of valuable insights, and for setting the bar high enough that it means something to call myself a social psychologist and researcher. Kia Ora!!

Rhoda Scherman
Auckland Univ. of Technology
New Zealand

You have always been an inspiring researcher and public speaker (and will continue to be so). All the best of luck to you!

Jeannette Schmid

I have really enjoyed sharing your work with the students I teach. I have also very much appreciated your efforts to inform the public about psychology and the contribution it can make to understanding important issues.

Best wishes for many happy years of retirement.

Janet Schofield
University of Pittsburgh
United States


You were my inspiration for choosing social psychology as a profession. In some way, your legacy will always live on in both my teaching and research.

George Schreer
Manhattanville College
United States

Dear Phil,

Congratulations and thank you for your many contributions, inspiration, and energy.

Jonathan Schroeder, UC Berkeley ยด90

Jonathan Schroeder
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Dear Phil,

I will be forever grateful to you for the role you played in setting me on my own path. And I'm sure you'll never really retire. Congratulations on a spectacular career.

Barry Schwartz
Swarthmore College
United States

Phil, it's hard to imagine you as a retiree. I suppose it's new code for increased activity in things you enjoy? We look forward to hearing and reading more from you, so don't get the wrong idea about "retirement."

Norbert Schwarz
University of Michigan
United States

Dear Phil,

Congratulations! This is another milestone. Your leadership is felt worldwide.

Ralf Schwarzer
Free University of Berlin

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