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To a living legend, from one of the many who grew up in the field in awe of you; listening to one "Zimbardo story" after another (one of my favorites, Martin Irle's about your arriving in Mannheim on a boat down the Rhine); and who was tremendously impressed and influenced by your 1969 book (which proved to be about 30 years ahead of its time)... Bravo! on your career, and all best wishes on the occasion of your retirement.

John Bargh
Yale University
United States

Dear Phil,

Congratulations on a phenomenal career. You have made so many outstanding contributions and have inspired so many. Thanks for all you have done.

I was a pre-med biology major in college and not a very happy one at that. I registered for Introductory Psychology for an elective course to meet a Social Sciences requirement. I purchased the text the day before the first class. It was "Psychology and Life" by Zimbardo and Ruch. I began flipping through it and ended up staying up all night reading the entire book. I was hooked. I changed my major the next day, completed the entire major in two years, and never looked back.

I'm sure many others have similar stories. You've had a unique ability to make psychology come alive for so many of us. You've made so many contributions.

I wish you all the best. I know you won't likely rest on your laurels and will continue making contributions even in "retirement." I hope you take a well-deserved rest and have great enjoyment.

It's been a pleasure and honor getting to know you.

Best regards always,

Jeff Barnett
APA Council
United States


Congratulations on a great career. Lots of folks do lots of research, but yours had that Zimbardo flash that took us "around corners" that changed the flow and direction of social research. Who would have guessed such a contribution from a shy, deindividuated fellow like yourself? Keep it coming.

Bob Baron
United States

Your work and writings are one of the main responsible factors for my interest in social psychology.

Any difficulty along the way is placed in perspective when I recall the inspiring talk you once gave in Leuven (Belgium), on the occasion of my EAESP summer school, 25 years after the first one of which you were one of the staff members. A pioneer also in that. Thank you for your great contribution and all the best for the time to come.

Manuela Barreto
Leiden University

Dear Dr. Zimbardo,

I don't know you personally but have been profoundly affected by your impact on the field. In fact, your charisma and passion, evident in the "Discovering Psychology" videotape series, helped direct me toward a major in psychology as an undergraduate. I am honored to call myself your professional colleague, however distantly. I wish you all the best in your retirement.

Bruce Bartholow
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
United States

Phil, you are a teacher's teacher, an inspiration for all psychologists, and a major source of support for us in Education at the American Psychological Association. Your contributions will never retire, and I look forward to many more opportunities to work with you in the future. I have cherished our times together thus far, both personally and professionally, and have greatly appreciated your understanding and sensitivity.

Cynthia Belar
American Psychological Association
United States


Congratulations on your retirement. What a magnificent career you have had. I first encountered your work in graduate school and have had the privilege of hearing you present at WPA, RMPA, APA, and U. of Hawaii. And of course, the video clips continue to fascinate students every semester. Your contributions to the discipline will last for centuries and perhaps milennia. Best wishes.

Paul Bell
Colorado State University
United States

Dr. Zimbardo:

I wish you the very best as you enter into retirement. I wanted you to know that if you ever would be interested in serving as an online instructor, we would love to have you. Please contact me if you might be interested in sharing your expertise in an online environment.

Kelvin Bentley
Baker College Online
United States

Dear Phil,

I appreciated and enjoyed the opportunity to work with you on the WPA Board. Your contributions to WPA have made a real difference to this fine organization.

Best wishes,

Dale Berger
Claremont Graduate University
United States

I've long admired Phil's work and flair, and the many contributions he's made to our field. Social psychology obviously needs people who engage in solid "incremental" work, checking, polishing, and adding to existing findings and ideas. But the field also benefits greatly from those, such as Phil, who, with imagination and audacity, provide a "spark" by introducing innovative and challenging research and concepts.

Long may he continue challenging and sparking the field.

Leonard Berkowitz
University of Wisconsin--Madison
United States

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