Here are 483 retirement messages from some of your colleagues:

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Dear Phil,

We all knew you from the start of our studies. Even with people outside our field, I see your books on their shelves. And we are indebted to you for your representation of our field in public.

Thanks for everything -- and I don't think that you will really retire, in a narrow sense of the word.

Sincerely from Germany,

Ursula Reichwald
University of Tuebingen


Congratulations on your retirement. It's been great to know you and see the man who did all that work. One of these days I'll send you the hubcap from your old Mercedes -- yes, 30 years later, I still have it!

Harry Reis
University of Rochester
United States

Dear Phil!

I will never forget the evening I spent under your Chrismas tree at your house in January 1998. You were giving us (Study tour group with Stefan from Austria) a private lecture on "Time Perception" and you gave us the chance to get to know you and Christina in a very personal way. And then we met again in 2000 in Vienna when you came to give a lecture at Webster University. I now wish you a lot of special time for you and your family and your friends, either in your wonderful house in San Francisco or whereever you like to go in the world (maybe back to Sicilia?) In bocca al lupo e tante belle cose per te!


With best wishes; take care!

Barbara Reisel
University of Vienna

Dear Phil,

Congratulations!! I hope you take up surfing now that you have all this time. No more excuses. And believe me, it is the farthest thing from torture. And besides, how could you live in California all these years and not take it up, Dude?

-Sun King

Darius Rejali
Reed College
United States

Congratulations on a wonderful career and on your retirement. I have shown the video "Quiet Rage" as well as the Sensation & Perception segment of your Discovering Psychology series to many classes of students and have found that they consistently were effective in "wowing" the audience. Thanks for all you have done for the field!

Linda Richter
Columbia University
United States

Dear Phil:

Congratulations on your retirement. You have had such an enormous impact on psychology in general, and social psychology in particular, in research, teaching and popularizing psychological research findings. It is truly amazing how much you have done for our profession.

As a WPAer, thanks for all you've done for the association and for rescuing it and getting us on this terrific, positive trajectory.

On the personal level: You have always been an important influence on my career -- a "distant mentor." I was able to use you as a role model before we met, and after, in very brief episodes, you have helped my career and me as a professional in so many ways.

You have been a terrific leader as APA President, WPA President (and other roles), and a very gracious host in your home (my favorite site in San Francisco!).

I wish you the very best retirement, although I know that you will be as involved as always as a "spokesperson" for Psychology.

Ron Riggio
Claremont McKenna College
United States

Dear Phil,

Will never forget your performance as a candidate, doing the Little Shop of Horrors at the APA. Incredible courage and gonzo self-confidence. Also recall an appearance in your Stanford class when you kindly allowed me to regale your students. You are an exceptionally nice fellow and one smart cookie. Wish I was your trade publisher but am very content to have that role for the wonderful and beautiful Mrs. Warm.

Regards and mazultov,

Alan Rinzler
United States

It's been years since we met at the University of Missouri and you wowed us with your lectures on time perception and reinvigorated the enthusiasm of five burned out assistant professors for the teaching of introductory psychology.

You were and are truly inspirational.

Catherine Riordan
Central Michigan University
United States

Dear Dr. Zimbardo, all students of psychology of the world appreciate what you have done to project our profession as one who serves our society. We appreciate all your efforts towards the development of stimulating environments for the upbriging of children so they will reach their potentials. We are indebted to you for your ardent defense against war and towards the development of a society of peace. May God grant you many years to continue with your work, not from the academic world but from a more ample perspective.


Irma Roca de Torres
Puerto Rico Psychological Assn. / U. of Puerto Rico
United States

Dear Phil,

You have been, personally and professionally, and continue to be, an inspiration to me and many others. We owe you a great deal!

Lee Rode
APA and Diablo Valley College
United States

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