Here are 483 retirement messages from some of your colleagues:

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Wishing you the VERY best with your retirement! Your contribution to the field has been nothing short of remarkable!!

Andrew Peck
Pennsylavania State University
United States

Dear Phil,

Congratulations with your retirement, though with some reservations as I hope and expect that your retirement will be anything but a retirement. By the way, the girl who took photographs during your last visit at Jef Nuttin's house, and round whose shoulder you put so warmly your arm, got a nice baby. In spite of the apparent face validity of correspondent inference theory, however, I am afraid to be more causally involved myself than you might be, as I am the grandfather.

Guido Peeters
University of Leuven

Dear Phil:

I don't think anyone pretends that you're REALLY going to retire, but I'm sure it'll be nice to have more intellectual and personal freedom once you claim to have done so. Thanks for being such a great voice for the science of psychology!

Brett Pelham
SUNY, Buffalo and APA
United States

Well, Phil, it looks like we are all trying out an experiment on you this time. But, you get to be the winner. I have enjoyed your wit, points of view, and participation with CSSP as well as your writing and videos. I look forward to joining you in the ranks of the un-tenured, soon. See you on the beach.

John Penick
North Carolina State University/CSSP
United States

Retiring? This can't be possible. Phil has the energy and spirit of a new graduate student. For the last 40 years, he has been perplexing, provoking, thrilling, and entertaining us with his research. As a teacher and leader, Phil has brought a sense of joy and humanity to a discipline that sometimes has lost its way.

Retirement? Not likely.

Even if he and Chris spend the next 40 years on a beach sipping margaritas, Phil's spirit will be busy pushing us to bring fun and compassion to our work.

Jamie Pennebaker
University of Texas at Austin
United States

Your path has always been lit by the Spirits, and you, in turn, light the path for so many others to follow.

I remember this mountain in Germany and a book that changed my life forever.

I now look toward a desert in Iraq and feel exultant relief knowing you're still there...because there are so many still to be touched and healed.


Jon Perez
Indian Health Service
United States

Dear Phil,

Best wishes in this transition, be it to continue old activities in new ways or to find new frontiers. My admiration and thanks for your bringing psychology alive to so many students, members of the public, and colleagues alike. Also my appreciation for contributions to the profession and for speaking out on social issues.

Dan Perlman
University of British Columbia


Best wishes on your retirement. You have inspired generations of social psychologists, including me. You have been generous to many in the field and I'm sure you will stay in touch with it. I'll always remember fondly the dinners we had at OSU and elsewhere.

Warm Regards,

Richard Petty
Ohio State University
United States


Congratulations on reaching the "cocktail hour" of life. However, knowing you, I suspect that your schedule will become even more hectic despite your supposed "retirement."

I have always treasured the times we have sat down and laughed together over the past years. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that we share a certain sort of East Coast cynicism shaped by many years in California. Maybe now that you are supposedly retiring we can actually have a martini together in the Bay Area rather than in D.C.

I hope to see you soon to continue the laughter.


Stephen Pfeiffer
Association for the Advancement of Psychology
United States

Retirement? Who are you kidding? You will never retire. But I hope you will now do only those things in social psychology you truly want to do. You've made terrific contributions, and you've always put spice into our professional lives. I will never forget the conference at which I was supposed to go after you on a panel and you came in late, rushed, out of breath, and wondered whether I would mind going first. What a relief!!!! Nobody could ever follow you and come off looking good.

Jane Allyn Piliavin
University of Wisconsin
United States

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