Here are 483 retirement messages from some of your colleagues:

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Hi Phil,

Wishing you the best in your retirement. Your contribution to the field of hypnosis (& Division 30) will be remembered -- you will be missed by all of us!

Roger Page
Ohio State University
United States


You're very much with us every time I mention to my Social Psychology young'uns that Palo Alto abandoned car with the hood up and the lady across the street putting it down because it begins to rain. You have a marvelous blend of research rigor and charismatic style, bringing psychology and your social psychology field accessibly into the public mainstream. A tremendous gift to us all.

May your retirement hold the goals and challenges you so very much hope for and deserve.

Thanks for your timeless contributions to your field and to all of us. Take gentle care.

Savor and enjoy! Warm best regards.

Ed Palmer
Davidson College
United States

Hi Phil!

Happy (semi)retirement!

It seems ages ago that I worked with you on one of those innumerable revisions of PSYCHOLOGY AND LIFE. Even though it never went beyond those two or three chapters in that one edition, I learned from the experience.

Congratulations on your many achievements, and best of luck in the future.

Steve Palmer
UC Berkeley
United States

Dear Phil:

It was so very long ago, it seems, way back in September 1971, about a month after the Stanford Prison Experiment was done, that you came to Claremont to talk and I was asked to be your host for the day. Being the enthusistic graduate student that I was, I was eager to meet this man with whom I had written letters back and forth for quite a while about deindividuation. We had a great time talking about Armenians, Italians, deindividuation, and my dissertation. And it was really exciting learning how to do experiments where you get your subjects to eat grasshoppers. As a result, you became my committee member in abstentia.

Not to worry about the experimental design of that time, but I never told you that even though you told me that you thought that I needed to run only four cells of the eight-cell design that I had drafted into my dissertation proposal, my committee, when I said that you said that, told me, "Well, you can do that if you are Phil Zimbardo, just go for the Big Bang; but you still have to run all eight cells." I complied with no behavioral signs of deindividuation effects showing (although I imagined them!).

Finally in 1979-80 good fortune and your invitation placed me at Stanford for the year. It was fun, especially the Friday noon lunches. I well remember how you loved my Armenian cooking, my mother's grape leave dolmas, and took a large pile of my pilaf home. No signs of shyness evident. It sure did beat the pre-fab things that some of those poor graduate students provided.

In the end, one fine outcome was the first edition of my book and its dedication to you. That remains to this day a happy privilege for me. Then as years unfolded there was never ending support from you with one item or another, and 25 years later at a WPA meeting you still referred to me as "My Boy." My students smiled at that and did not let me forget it.

Now, I have no idea what my adult life or professional work might have been like had we not connected. Directly stated: You influenced my life, and the effects have been only good. For this I am greatful. This is what people are supposed to do -- give good to each other. You did, and I continue to do my best to follow that example.

Your friend,

Ray Paloutzian
Westmont College
United States

My deepest appreciation for your contributions to the science of psychology.

Mauricio Papini
Texas Christian University
United States

Dear Professor,

It is just to thank you all your dedication and very big contribution to the field that I love so much.

You are a reference for a lot of people. Thank you from the heart. And my best wishes...

Marisol Paqlacios
University of Huelva

Over the past 26 years my students and I have learned so much about psychology and many of our best discussions came about after watching "Discovering Psychology" video segments! You are warmly referred to in my class as "Uncle Phil"! It was an honor to meet you and get to know you. As the TOPSS Chair-Elect I will continue to help spread the message to my peers and our students about how important and exciting the study of psychology is to our lives. Thank you for all you have done for us.

Debby Park
West Deptford High School
United States

One of Phil's most impressive qualities has been his "sense of timely issues" in our discipline.

Of course, his work on "time perspective" is exactly on this theme, and his interest has been a valued impetus for others to consider this long-standing Gestalt construct.

Timing is everything, it is said, and Phil has ALWAYS known the timely pulse of our discipline.

George Parrott
California State University, Sacramento
United States

I want to thank you for your valuable help in improving my teaching in introductory psychology class and contributing excellent ideas to our common work. I think that many people are able to understand your personality, but Italian friends probably are able to better capture nuances that belong to your Italian roots. Just 2 memories of you in Palermo-Sicily.

1. I cannot forget when for the first time you finally visited Palermo, your parents' home. Your conference was so successful that we needed to move students out.

2. I cannot forget your face and eyes in front of hundreds of Sicilian pastries, a child would have been less excited.


Tina Pastorelli
University of Rome

Dear Phil:

Thanks for bringing psychology into American households, for keeping the profession at ground level, and for clarifying your perspective on the prison experiment.

Terry Patterson
University of San Francisco
United States

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