Here are 483 retirement messages from some of your colleagues:

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Dear Phil,

I will never forget your generosity in inviting me as Visiting Assistant Professor for a summer course on "War, Genocide, and Mass Suicide" focused on the Jonestown poison ordeal of November 18, 1978.

My stay at Stanford was a most important period of my professional life, and you made it special although I was very anxious about the illness of my mother, in Rome.

I hope you will have more free time now, and look forward to meeting again in Rome, anytime you come and visit us!

Have a wonderful time and be happy!


Domenico Arturo Nesci
Catholic University of the Sacred Heart

Thanks so much for the great diversity of contributions you've made to our field and to the public's understanding of it.


Steve Neuberg
Arizona State University
United States


It was a pleasure to serve the Association with you during your term in the Presidential cycle. Your energy, positive direction, and enthusiasm for what Psychology can bring to the well being of people was infectious.

Your distinguished career honors all our kind.

Best wishes in your retirement!

Edmund Nightingale
APA Council of Representatives
United States

Congratulations on a great career, Phil. In your case, the achievements are matched by character. Have a wonderful in retirement. (Are you really going to retire? Hard to imagine!)

Richard Nisbett
University of Michigan
United States

Your important work and distinguished career have made you an inspiration to all social psychologists.

Congratulations on your retirement!

Judy Nye
Monmouth University
United States


Your work has been an inspiration to me and to countless students in the classes I have taught in the last 34 years. Students find Discovering Psychology riveting.

Warmest best wishes at this exciting and challenging time!

Virginia O'Leary
Auburn University
United States

Phil: Hope you have a rich and satisfying retirement. Thanks for your important contributions to our understanding of interpersonal relationships.


Ed O'Neal
Tulane University
United States

Phil is such an extraordinary person, it's difficult to combine such a strong regard for other people, scientific creativity, and extraordinary personal generosity. It's a life very well lived indeed!!

We both love him, and may the joie de vivre continue for many many more years...

Bob and Sally Ornstein
United States

Dear Phil,

Here's to you, young man! You've done so much for psychology -- in your teaching, textbooks, research, speeches everywhere, leadership in WPA, APA, and around the world. The whole field is greatly indebted to you for your enthusiasm, energy, dedication, and follow-through on great projects. Both students and faculty members look to you as an outstanding role model.

I know that "retirement" won't stop your flow of creativity, but it will give you a chance to focus more of your energies on your selected areas of emphasis.

Enjoy every minute of it!!!

Best wishes always to you and Christina.

Stuart Oskamp
Claremont Graduate University
United States

Happy Retirement, Phil!

Hard to imagine that brain retiring. I want to thank you first for the terrific influence you provided when, as an undergraduate, I read the Stanford Prison Experiment and decided that I wanted to become a clinical psychologist focusing on the role of the environment in human problems instead of a neuropsychopharmacologist. More than 30 years later, you have had the vision to give APA the opportunity to be at the forefront of addressing conflicts of interest, and I am delighted and privileged to have the opportunity to work with you.

Best of all, you have become a wonderful friend who even comes to Washington! I feel very fortunate to know you, and I look forward to more debates, collaborations, and fun together.

Wendy Pachter
United States

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