Here are 483 retirement messages from some of your colleagues:

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Dr. Phil,

I first saw you on "To Tell the Truth" when I was in graduate school. You mesmerized the audience then and have done so every other time I have seen you stand up "strong and proud" for the field of psychology. You're a star of exceptional brightness that has given us inspiration and hope.

Joann Montepare
Emerson College
United States

You rock, Phil!

Don Moore
Carnegie Mellon
United States

I find your work to be very helpful in my teaching.

Thank you and have fun in retirement!

Lynne Moosberg
Shorter College
United States


As I've said in different words in your book of letters, you're, to put it mildly, very cool ... what a great combination of scientific and humanitarian sensitivities ... and the chutzpah to do bold things and provide great leadership.


Dave Myers
Hope College
United States

Dear Phil,

You were a terrific crowd-puller and the major attraction and entertainment person at the Opening Ceremony of the XXV International Congress of Applied Psychology, held in Singapore on 7 July 2002 at the Singapore National University Cultural Centre. The Congress Patron, the Singapore Minister for Education, Rear-Admiral (National Service) Teo Chee Hean, paid full attention to the contents of your speech, and stayed for more than an hour at the reception, even discussing finer points of the application of psychology with Chris.

Thank you, Phil, for coming to Singapore in your year as President of APA, in spite of worries about the heat, humidity, and the possibility of being a terrorist target. You helped to make the XXV ICAP 2002 a success with your participation. As the Congress Organizing Chair and Scientific Program Co-Chair, I was smiling for a long time when I knew that you and Chris had decided to come to the Congress as a two-for-one bonus.

May you continue to enjoy life's blessings in fulfilling work, and enjoying the sunset now and then as well.

Elizabeth Nair
National Univ. of Singapore & Singapore Psych. Society

As an undergraduate I assisted in teaching your Psychology 101 class, which I co-taught with the woman that I later married. You delivered the address at my graduation from the psychology department. Thanks for playing a part in my life, and encouraging me to become a psychologist.

Good luck!

Leif Nelson
New York University
United States

Dear Phil,

Congratulations on your most successful career in psychology, as a teacher, a scientist, a philosopher, and a most uncommon talent for making the rich complexities of human thought and behavior meaningful in the everyday lives of common citizens. It was a special privilege to work with you during your APA presidency to advance education in psychology and psychology in education. Best wishes, always!

Paul Nelson
American Psychological Association
United States

Dear Phil,

Congratulations on your retirement! As a fellow social psychologist, I just wanted to say a few things about your fantastic influence on the field. One of the things I love talking about in all my courses is your ingenius Stanford Prison Study. It, along with Milgram's obedience research, stands as a work of theoretical and empirical brilliance, and it so captures the imaginations of your colleagues and students. Your fantastic work on shyness is incredible and pioneering. Finally, your contributions to the teaching of psychology (the Discovering Psychology series is a marvelous contribution, giving psychology to the public) remind us of the joy in teaching and responsiblity we have as professors to give our all to our students. Thank you, Phil. You are a legend in social psychology. Nay, in Psychology! We love you, and wish you all the best in your retirement.

Todd Nelson
California State University - Stanislaus
United States

Hi Phil,

Congratulations on a wonderful career. You have made Social Psychology interesting, pertinent and fun...All the best to you. However, I know you will be doing something interesting and provocative again...keep us posted.

Charlan Nemeth
UC Berkeley
United States

Thanks to the Ig Nobel Prize and your energizing talk at Emmanuel College, I finally got to meet the man with the voice I know so well (I wish I had some juicy gossip to add here, but it is due merely to the Discovering Psych Series!).

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Jennifer Nepper Fiebig
Emmanuel College
United States

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