Here are 483 retirement messages from some of your colleagues:

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Hello, Phil, and congratulations!

I will always remember the kindness you showed me on my interview, as well as the great speaking advice you so generously shared.

By my last count, I have shared your love of social psychology with over 3,000 students through the wonderful Candid Camera videotape series -- the best way to illustrate some aspects of social influence I've ever seen.

All the best,

Lisa Aspinwall
University of Utah
United States

I was Chair of the Psychology Department at Stanford when the decision was made to hire Philip Zimbardo as the senior faculty member in Social Psychology. The department had a distinguished tradition in Social Psychology and, as would be evident over time, Phil's appointment ensured the continuation of that tradition. Phil has been a major contributor to the development of modern psychology, and critical to the Stanford department's continued excellence.

I congratulate Phil on a remarkable career, which is not yet over.

Richard C. Atkinson
President Emeritus, University of California
United States

May you live in retirement with as much gusto as you've lived in your teaching career. The discipline of psychology and the world at large are better places for having had you in them. Thanks for all of your contributions.

Ruth Ault
Davidson College
United States

Dear Phil,

When I look back life, the enjoyable things that come to my mind are the many experiences we shared here at Stanford. Setting up the stage at Kresge, Memorial Auditorium, Jordan Hall, and all the students sleeping in the aisles to get a crack at a spot in your class. Your never ending enthusiasm to dazzle those kids has been amazing to me, and an inspiration. It has been a real pleasure working with you for 28 years. Thank you.

Harry Bahlman
Stanford University
United States

Congratulations! and thanks -- I was fortunate to grow up in the Bay Area and see you speak as a guest in my introductory psychology class, the very first class I took at UC Berkeley. Almost twenty years later, social psychology is still what it's all about for me, the field I take from and want to give back to the most in my teaching and research. That's why I'm so glad to have this opportunity to say thanks for the inspiring effect that your textbook and guest lecture had on me, and for the students you taught who became my mentors and friends.

Dan Bailis
University of Manitoba

Thanks for inspiring us in so many ways. I particularly appreciate how year after year you have bent over backwards to interact in meaningful ways with thousands of students at WPA. I hope we'll continue to see you there!

Bruce Bainum
Pacific Union Colllege
United States

Dr. Zimbardo,

Each year when we take our students to WPA, we have appreciated your presence, support, and willingness to talk with them. Many of our students have cherished photos taken with you -- I am sure you were tired of these photo hounds, but you were always so gracious! Thank you for being such a great role model, and best wishes in your retirement!

Charlene Bainum
Pacific Union College
United States


Thank you for your many contributions to psychology and for your dedication to graduate students, especially during your term as APA President. Best wishes for your retirement.

David W. Ballard
APA Graduate Students (APAGS)
United States

Dear Phil:

The current issue of AARP magazine highlights an article entitled, "Sixty is the New Thirty."

Retirement is recreating, not leaving. Knowing how creative and lively you are, this should be an exciting experience without the burden of politics.

I am looking forward to seeing what new ventures you take on.

Rochelle Balter
Private Practice
United States

For your creativity, passion, and collectivism, I will always be grateful.

Mahzarin Banaji
Harvard University
United States

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