Here are 483 retirement messages from some of your colleagues:

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Dear Professor Zimbardo,

Your creative experiments inspired me to become a social psychologist. On behalf of an entire generation of social psychologists that follow in your footsteps, I wish you the very best.

Tom Malloy
Rhode Island College
United States

Phil, thanks for your many contributions to our field. I hope retirement will provide the resources for you to pursue your continuing agenda.


Roy S. Malpass
University of Texas at El Paso
United States

I'm honored to have the opportunity to tell you how you've inspired my teaching, research, and practice of social psychology. Your work has aided me personally and professionally for 3 decades; for instance, your Stanford Prison Experiment taught me much about human nature, our attribution tendencies and errors, and how compelling situations can be.

I've relied on Discovering Psychology in Intro and Social Psychology classes to bring to life important issues and research. I've been encouraged by your example to accept the challenge to study issues that really matter (in my case, transformational leadership) and apply learning to make a difference in people's lives. Thank you for continuing to be enthusiastic and scientific through a professional life well-lived!

Tracey Manning
University of Maryland
United States

Hi Phil,

Best wishes on your retirement! I've enjoyed working with you on the WPA Board, and have great memories of your hospitality at your house for Board meetings.

I see that the number of messages you received are enough to keep you busy for another career! We all send a very sincere tribute to you for your contributions to psychology. One person can make a difference, as you have shown.

All the best,

Carrie Margolin
The Evergreen State College
United States

All the best to one of our very best!

Joe Marrone
Siena College
United States

You have made all Sicilians proud -- now you will have more time to cook some good Italian pasta.

Anthony J. Marsella
University of Hawaii
United States

Dear Phil,

It is a sea change when a superb psychologist retires. Your work, especially for me the deindividuation experiments and the prison experiment, are among social psychology's finest achievements. They will be classics for decades to come. More personally, they are one reason I entered this field. And your legendary introductory psychology class has shaped the psyches of thousands of Stanford students, who learned more than psychology when they donated to give their guest speakers cases of fine wines. Your love of life, of Chris Maslach, and of the finer things like those cases of fine wines -- the bon vivant who was so consistently warm and welcoming to me and to my husband when we first came to California -- this side of you is also precious and will be much missed.

Joanne Martin
Stanford Business School
United States

Dr. Zimbardo--

Congratulations and best wishes to you on your retirement. You certainly are an inspiration to me and my teaching as an adjunct instructor. May you and your family enjoy your retirement!! God bless you!!

Robert Martinez
University of the Incarnate Word/Northwest Vista College
United States


Best wishes on your "retirement." Thanks for the support of SPSSI during your APA presidency and, more personally, thanks for training Scott Fraser, one of my mentors.

Geoff Maruyama
University of Minnesota
United States

Quite simply, you've inspired me. During my undergraduate years, I discovered psychology through the passionate and accurate lens offered by your television programs. As a graduate student and now new Ph.D., I turn to your example as I prepare and teach my own courses and as I aim to balance my teaching and research. You have left an indelible mark on myself, my students, the field of psychology, and our global society. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you!

With deep respect and admiration,

Debra Mashek
George Mason University
United States

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