Here are 483 retirement messages from some of your colleagues:

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Retirement for Phil Zimbardo? That's hard to imagine. You're not a "retiring" kind of guy!

All the best wishes to you on the next adventure in your adventure-filled life.

Rodney Lowman
Alliant International University
United States

It is great that you have chosen to be a psychologist. Otherwise, psychology would be much less interesting.

Kind regards,

Aleksandra Luszczynska
Warsaw University

Thanks for all that you have done to not only advance scientific psychology but to also provide many educational materials that help introduce students to our field! Best wishes in retirement.


Art Lyons
President, Division 32

Art Lyons
Division 32
United States

Dear Phil,

I have many fond memories of you from my graduate student days at Stanford, not to mention the many times we’ve run into each other at conferences. Mostly, I remember your generosity and kindness as a mentor and a colleague. For example, in your Professional Development class, you would go out of your way to help graduate students ­- even those who you didn’t know well, who weren’t in your area. It was always a pleasure to talk with you about psychology or Italy or what kind of men make the best husbands.

I hope your retirement is fulfilling and happy and as productive as you want it to be.

With great affection,

Sonja Lyubomirsky
University of California, Riverside
United States

Dear Phil--

You are an incredible teacher and colleague. Without your leadership and "Discovering Psychology," my Psych 101 course would not be the same. Your interest in applied psychology has benefitted so many people, and your friendship is something that I will always treasure.

May your retirement be joyous! Nobody deserves it more than you.

Warmest best wishes!

Jim Maas
Cornell University
United States

I clearly remember the time when I was a student, and my then-advisor Bob Solso introduced us and you signed one of your books for me....and it is a pleasure nowadays to see you do that for countless other students. I am continually impressed with your willingness at conferences to engage students in conversation, sign their books, pose for pictures, and otherwise make them feel like important members of the conference and professional community. Your enthusiasm for the field and encouragement of its young scholars is commendable.

Happy retirement!

Kim MacLin
University of Northern Iowa
United States

Dr. Zimbardo,

Congratulations on a long, productive, inspiring, and energetic career in academia. While I suspect that you will enjoy your retirement, I expect that we will hear of your continuing contributions to social psychology and psychological science in general.

Keith Maddox
Tufts University
United States

Dear Phil,

Congratulations on your retirement! You have helped us high school educators in too many ways to count, positively affecting millions of our students. I returned "Discovering Psychology" modules to the company when I realized that you weren't on them, and went back to showing video clips with you on them. You have made psychology so accessible!

Thank you for including TOPSS members like me in your circle of professionals, and helping to raise the standards of high school psychology teaching. I am proud to display a photograph of you, Karyn Hale, Charlie Blair-Broeker, Randy Ernst, Bates Mandel, and me (from Frank Farley's inauguration) in my office and classroom marking your recognition of TOPSS from the beginning.

Thank you for all you've done (and I'll bet continue to do) for psychology and people.

Laura Maitland
Mepham High School/TOPSS
United States

Congratulations on your retirement, Phil. Thanks for all of your wonderful contributions to social psychology, and to psychology as a whole.

Good luck!!

Brenda Major
University of California, Santa Barbara
United States

Dear Phil:

It's hard to imagine you retiring. I mean, sitting around calmly, enjoying the present, where do you put all your surplus energy? But even when sitting around, you can move mountains with Zimbardo-esque flair.

I hope you are having a terrific time, and enjoy all the delicious wine for your retirement celebration.

All the best,

Bertram Malle
University of Oregon
United States

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