Here are 483 retirement messages from some of your colleagues:

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Thanks for making a HUGE difference in the lives of so many people -- and in the history of our field.

Things just wouldn't be the same without you!

Marty Klein
United States

Hi Phil,

My best wishes to you on your retirement!

It was such a pleasure to meet you and get to know you a bit during your Presidential year.

Your ability to "do it all" with such grace, charm, warmth, and genuine interest is truly a gift.

Stay happy, healthy, and enjoy!

Roger Klein
University of Pittsburgh
United States

To Dr. Zimbardo--

So glad I could squeeze in under the wire and enjoy the privilege of collaborating with you (on your Psychology Today piece) before you took off on the big R&R.

Have a joyful and fulfilling retirement. I'm honored to have gotten the opportunity to work with you, however briefly.


Bruce Kluger
Freelance Writer
United States

Maybe retirement is not your idea of undivided fun, but it surely beats serving a life sentence in the Stanford Prison.

Hans Knegtmans
Universiteit Leiden

Dear Phil,

I feel especially fortunate having had the honor of being both your student and colleague...not many have had such good luck in one lifetime!

I will never forget how I learned about the joy of teaching as your head TA in the "Psychology of Mind Control" Spring of 1991. I can only hope that some of the fire that I caught from you during that quarter will carry over to my current classes. I regard it as an incredible honor to follow in your footsteps as part of the next generation to teach Psych 1 at is a tradition that I carry forward with both seriousness and joy.

I'm sure that many will rightfully focus on your incredible and exemplary academic and teaching accomplishments. However, I think your unfailing humanity has had the biggest impact on me. The continuing examples are too numerous to count (e.g., political wake-up calls to your compatriots), but one stands out in my mind in particular. During my first year, a young faculty was in trouble. Many of the other faculty did not know how to respond and so ignored the problem. You alone were the person that recognized this person's need, supported them, and ultimately carried them to a safer place. You truly live by the priciples you teach.

I hope I can live up to your excellent examples. And that your retirement affords many opportunities for more.

With love and respect,

Brian Knutson
Stanford University
United States

Happy Retirement Phil,

I enjoyed serving on Council during your term. I have been impressed with your commitment to listening, having people be involved and your boundless energy. You clearly enjoy psychology and research and are a great model to people who are considering how to find their place in the professional world. I still remember the story you told about yourself and how you pursued higher education rather than shining shoes. It was a good decision both for you and the rest of us. Enjoy! Have fun! and keep involved with us.

Joe Kobos
APA Council
United States

I have appreciated all your efforts to share psychology both with students and with our society. Thank you!

Erika Koch
McDaniel College
United States

I admire your energy, creativity, breadth of interests, and expertise. I have used examples of your research and videos (they loved The  Human Zoo, but also Discovering Psych) with great success in my classes.  Thank you for your contributions to psychology.

Best wishes for a wonderful and productive retirement!

Riki Koenigsberg
United States

I have truly enjoyed working with you on various projects at APA. We wish you well and expect that we will continue to see you making psychology fun to learn.

Jessica Kohout
Research Office, APA
United States

My high school students and I have enjoyed your DISCOVERING PSYCHOLOGY series. The videos have really helped to reinforce the basic principles of psychology.

Best wishes on your retirement.

Ivy Konel
High Point HS, Maryland Public Schools
United States

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