Here are 483 retirement messages from some of your colleagues:

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Wishing you the best as you enter this next phase of your life. Thank you for your numerous contributions to psychology and the world. Your research has indeed helped make the world a better place. Thank you also for being a fun president, one who folks still lovingly say made everybody feel important. Be well.

Gwendolyn Keita
American Psychological Association
United States

Dear Phil--

What a joy you have been in the lives of so many of us. Your generosity when invited to speak to students, your incredible ability to put your considerable creativity to important use, and your overall kind nature puts you
at the very top of our field now and forever.

Enjoy your wonderful life!

Patricia Keith-Spiegel
Chidren's Hospital, Harvard Medical School
United States

Thanks again for the remarkable lecture last month on the "The Psychology of Evil and the Politics of Fear." You had a major impact that will be very hard to top in our future Richey Lectures in Social Psychology.

Best wishes in your retirement!

Ron Kellogg
Saint Louis University
United States

Dear Phil,

I'm surprised to hear that you are retiring, because I have always thought of you as my younger brother. But I guess younger brothers have rights too, and I welcome you to the privileged status of elder statesman. I look forward to your continuing vigorous, creative, and constructive contributions to the field and to society.

With warm wishes,

Herbert Kelman
Harvard University
United States


Congratulations on the occasion of your retirement, and on a dazzling career in social psychology.

Best wishes.

Norbert Kerr
Michigan State University
United States

Congratulations! Your tireless efforts have been an inspiration to us all.

Saera Khan
University of San Francisco
United States

Hi Phil,

You are too young to retire! I will always remember you for your sage advice on teaching.

"Get the class discussion going by inducing students to respond to each others' questions and comments." (That remark made a world of difference!)

I won't be able to forget your outrageousness, your boldness, and your creativity in your approach to life and work. I wonder if anyone else will recall the APA presentation (?) when you snuck photos of nudes amongst your slides!

Very fondly,

Sara Kiesler
Carnegie Mellon University
United States

Your video series as a review increased AP scores greatly. Thank you and congratulations.

Al Kirton
AP Psychology Teacher
United States


You've been such an inspiration for me personally, but also for many of my students in both here in the U.S. and Japan. They have been profoundly moved by your monumental contribution to the field. Thank you very much!

All the best,

Shinobu Kitayama
University of Michigan
United States

Thanks for your wisdom, enthusiasm, and grit -- you have truly revolutionized the field of psychology, and made an imprint on the world through your many contributions. I'm one of many social psychologists who admire your work and consider you one of our major influences.

Bill Klein
University of Pittsburgh
United States

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