Here are 483 retirement messages from some of your colleagues:

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You have carried the torch for modern psychology with distinction. I have enjoyed interacting with you at Council during your presidency. I think I have the script from your "Discovering Psychology" series memorized, as I have shown the videos to undergrads continuously, around Europe and the U.S. Your career illustrates the intrinsically fascinating nature of psychology as a discpline and its potential as a science. Thanks again for your many contributions. Take time to "update" your Venice picture for the APA board certainly deserve it.

Bill Hathaway
Division 36/Regent
United States


Thanks so much for your many contributions to psychology and your efforts on behalf of all psychologists. Your work has and will continue to inspire generations of psychologists. On behalf of those of us who try to walk the line between basic and applied issues, we wish you all the best!

Curt Haugtvedt
Past-President, Div. 23 (Society for Consumer Psych.)

Curtis Haugtvedt
Ohio State University
United States

Dear Dr. Zimbardo,

As we arrive at each once-distant horizon, new ones are revealed. May your journeys be enlightening and fulfilling, wherever Life takes you from here.

All the best,

Shelley Haven
Stanford University, Office of Accessible Education
United States

Phil, when I was a young graduate student and then young professor, you were unfailingly curious, kind, and human, even though we had no institutional connection. What a helpful part of the professional socialization process for someone of your stature to treat me with genuine respect. I have role-modeled that impressive behavior. I have also role-modeled your talk-giving style of overpreparation that allowed a deceptively easy-going presentation style. Finally, the films: they're fantastic!

Thanks for everything.

Martin Heesacker
University of Florida
United States

Hi Phil,

My first encounter with academic psychology was with your intro textbook. I think that played a big part in me deciding to pursue psychology as a career. Thanks so much for that. You've been a terrific role model and source of inspiration to the whole field.

Steven Heine
University of British Columbia

Dear Phil,

Thanks for all you've been to me over the years. A stunning role model, a mentor, a professor, a friend, and a colleague. Here's to many more challenges together, and to a wonderful retirement for you!

With much affection,

Lynne Henderson
United States

Best wishes, Phil.

Thanks so much for your commitment to bringing psychology to the public in an engaging and relevant way. I've admired your efforts to respond to public crises with the wisdom of our discipline, and your ongoing innovations in teaching.

Tony Hermann
Willamette University
United States


What a rich and joyous life you have had --

Your contributions are legion, but I love best meeting you casually at meetings, getting and giving hugs, finding out about the family, and all that.

Most especially I remember
-with joy dancing with you at Union Station in 1992!
-with delight that we finally had you come to Holy Names.
-with reverence and respect -- your commitment to high school teachers

From the tradition that you know well, I "constantly thank God when I think of you."

You are dearly loved by Maureen.

Yes, Sister Maureen P. Hester, snjm, Ph.D.

Maureen Hester
Holy Names College
United States

Dear Dr. Zimbardo,

Over the years I have read your research, heard you talk, and come more deeply to appreciate your passion as a teacher. On the occasion of your formal retirement, I simply want to say "Thanks" for all of it. It's a continent of distance between that little peninsula which defines the Bronx and the one which holds Palo Alto. But you've bridged it in so many wonderful ways that we are all in your debt.

With my best wishes and esteem,

Vinny Hevern, SJ
Internet Editor
Society for the Teaching of Psychology

Vincent Hevern
Le Moyne College
United States

Thank you for all work with Introductory Psychology. My high school kids are using your text, and they find it very enjoyable.

Edward Heyman
Aquinas Instititue, Rochester, NY
United States

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