Here are 483 retirement messages from some of your colleagues:

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Dear Phil:

Thanks so much for your sustained and inspiring contributions to research and teaching. Unlike many of us, you didn't stop there. Your talent for communicating with the general public in speeches, television, and popular mass media has raised positive awareness of our work and has benefitted people throughout the world. And I haven't yet mentioned your influential text and impressive APA presidency. It's been a pleasure following your immensely productive career, first as a colleague and now from the sidelines. I know that retirement will not slow your voice or pen.

Best Wishes,

Alan Gross
New York, NY
United States

What an incredible pleasure and privilege to be your colleague! I will be forever grateful to you for your warm welcome to the department, for your inspirational teaching, and for the energy, vision, and passion you bring to everything you do. Here's to many more fun years of working together on our Psychology 1 Initiative...

James Gross
Stanford University
United States


From being an inspiration to a friend, you have always put students first. Thank you for everything you have done for me, and my students! Your visit here and subsequent dedication of our lab is clearly the highlight of my career here!

Thank you for everything, and best wishes!

Craig Gruber
Walt Whitman High School
United States

Now that you are retiring, don't forget to release your students you closed in the '70s!... And please, come and spend more time in Italy: We all admire you and wish we could see you here (in your country) more often.

A presto!

Gianluigi Guido
University of Lecce and University of Rome

With all best wishes and with gratitude for your generosity and your willingness to share your expertise and advice.

C.K. Gunsalus
University of Illinois College of Law
United States

Thanks for the inspiration!

Best wishes!

Amy Hackney
Georgia Southern University
United States

As someone who first heard of you from Bibb Latane while we both were at Ohio State (I drove your famous Mercedes while Bibb was away for a semester) and someone who knew Floyd Ruch and thought that he got an excellent coauthor when you came on board, I wish you well in the new pursuits you are launching.

I read recently that a healthy celebration of the new leisure brought by retirement may depend heavily on a rediscovery of the value of play itself -- activity needing no justification other than the pleasure that it brings. You've done everything else -- now it is time to play.

Milt Hakel
Bowling Green State University
United States

Congratulations and best wishes.

Jamin Halberstadt (former student of Paula Niedenthal)

Jamin Halberstadt
University of Otago
New Zealand

I knew Phil as an icon long before I knew him as a person. My students loved getting to know him through Discovering Psychology but routinely pointed out how much he looked like their conception of the devil! However, his enthusiasm and professionalism always left a huge impact on them. Lucky for me, I got to know the real devil when Discovering Psychology underwent a facelift. I joined the advisory group for that project and experienced firsthand the warmth and wisdom Phil brought to this important role. Hard to believe that retirement beckons, but we are all the richer for having had this devil on duty!

Best wishes and a special hug to the wonderful Christina!

Jane Halonen
University of West Florida
United States

Who can resist the great Dr. Z? Certainly not me or the many who love you. This is hard to write because I find myself close to tears when I think about the immense contribution you have made to the field of psychology and to the lives of so many people -- not just the students in your own classes, but the students you reached via television and your many books, your bigger than life appearances, your joy at living.

I have so many Phil stories it is hard to pick just one -- I guess the adoring "fan" who virtually stalked you at one convention and then showed up with her Phil Zimbardo doll is a testimony to the power of Phil.

With much love and deep admiration,

Diane Halpern
Claremont McKenna College
United States

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