Here are 483 retirement messages from some of your colleagues:

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Phil -- In 1991, I turned down an offer to join the Stanford faculty. The only reason why I EVER regretted that decision was that I didn't get the chance to be your colleague. You're a first rate social psychologist and a real mensch, and I'm glad that my life has intersected with yours, however briefly.

Best wishes,

Daniel Gilbert
Harvard University
United States

Few have affected my values and the course of my life to the degree Phil has. Along with Lee Ross and Claude Steele, Zim not only taught me how to articulate myself in the language of social psychology, but also the dire importance of defending the marginalized individual. In an environment that so fetishizes information, Zim has always had the courage to advocate Experience above all else. To me there is no greater lesson than that.

Michael Glass
United States

Dear Phil,

As a late arrival in your life, I missed the early days but got to see you burst upon the scene of the American Psychological Association. It has been a pleasure to see you in action as an activist President and to serve with you on the Board of Directors. You raised the bar for novel and interesting convention ideas. Your creativity is much appreciated.

Warm wishes,

Carol Goodheart
Private Practice, Princeton, NJ
United States

Dear Phil,

My first reaction upon hearing that you were retiring was: "No! How will we go on without your charismatic wisdom and insights into human behavior?" But then I realized you have left a living legacy that we can draw upon in the form of the videos of your lectures for our annual Holocaust Lecture Series and the Stanford Prison Experiment video.

Thanks for your generosity to our program and for sharing so much of yourself with our students, members of the Alliance for the Study of the Holocaust, and with me personally. Former students still write to say how much they learned from your lectures and how touched they were that someone so "famous" would share some of his time with them. You have been an inspiration to everyone associated with our program.

I wish you a retirement filled with new adventures and good health.

My very best personal wishes,

Myrna Goodman
Sonoma State University/Holocaust Study Center
United States


I've only heard you speak once at a conference, but your words were very meaningful and memorable to me. After the conference I rushed back to my department chair and told him that I *must* teach Introduction to Psychology in order to get the message of Social Psychology out to the world!

Your zeal and passion have always been extraordinarily inspiring to me and always will be.


Anne Gordon
Bowling Green State University
United States

Hi Phil,

I'm so sorry that we'll be missing your party. Please know that our thoughts are with you, and that's it's been an honor to be your colleague here.

Best wishes on your retirement!!!

Ian Gotlib
Stanford University
United States

Congratulations on your retirement! I know that there are so many people who want to wish you well and thank you for your contributions to the field of psychology, and I would like to add my name to that large group. My students love learning about the Stanford Prison Experiment, and I love teaching it to them. However, you have influenced me in another way as well. You gave a talk at SPSP a few years ago, and in this talk you discussed how our research should inform our teaching and our teaching should inform our research. I agree wholeheartedly, and I am trying to use that statement as a guide for my professional career. I love teaching, and I love conducting research. I cannot imagine giving up either one or just going through the motions in teaching or research. It is definitely a challenge to try to give 100% in both areas, but your talk solidified my belief that we are better psychologists if we give our best to each.

In addition, at that SPSP conference, my friend and I were lucky enough to get a picture taken with you, and I will always keep that picture. (I even have the picture on my powerpoint lecture slides on the day I teach about the Stanford prison experiment! ) :) Thanks for all the excellent service and leadership you've given our field!

Jodi Grace
University of Florida
United States

Dear Dr. Zimbardo,

Congratulations on your retirement! Having recently received my Ph.D. in social psychology, I have been touched, as have so many students in psychology, by your inspirational body of work and dedication to the field. Amazingly, I can still remember when you gave a guest lecture in Prof. Maas' class at Cornell University, back in 1993 or so. Best wishes on your retirement!

Jennifer Graham
Stony Brook University
United States

Hi Phil,

Congratulations and best wishes. You are truly an inspirational role model to all of us and our students in psychology.

Esther Greenglass
York University

Dear Phil,

Let my message start with a confession. My connection to you began as a mystery -- at least to you. I reviewed your Introductory Psychology text! So, in this way, I was your critic. During your APA Presidential year you also championed the Golden Psi, which was my brain child. So, in this way you have been my intellectual uncle.

Your own work in the media legitimized the criss-crossed expertise I have between psychology and communication, so thank you for being a pioneer -- although I think neither you nor I have ever "settled" in pure psychology.

Thank you for your diversity.
Thank you for your sensitivity.
Thank you for your courage.
Thank you for your humor.
Thank you for just being you.

Without you and your presence in psychology, I would be less than the full human being I am today and certainly less that the full psychologist. I only wish we had known better each other personally, so that I could have written that you are my friend, too.


Mary Banks Gregerson
Northern Virginia Community College
United States

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