Here are 483 retirement messages from some of your colleagues:

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You are a master teacher and psychologist. Thank you for sharing your genius with others through your book, your Discovering Psychology series, and your contributions to WPA and APA. Above all, I have always been most impressed by how much you really seem to care about others and how you will take time for students and people who are seemingly unimportant. You are an inspiration to all. Thank you for giving so much of yourself through the years.

Ann Ewing
Mesa Community College
United States

You continue to be an inspiration to us all!

Lisa Feldman Barrett
Boston College
United States


P - perceptive & passionate
H - hard-working & humorous
I - intelligent & interesting
L - learned & lovable

Z - zealous & zany
I - imaginative & inspired
M - masterful & modest
B - benevolent & boyish
A - adroit & adventuresome
R - reliable & refreshing
D - distinguished & delightful
O - original & optimistic

Oh, my! What a guy! Enjoy your retirement with the vim and vitality that have been your trademark.

With warmest wishes,

Helene Feldman, Ph.D.
United States

To the first (and in my book only valid) Dr. Phil --

Here's to your happiness now that you're no longer a prisoner of the day-to-day workaday obligations.

You've done so much to popularize psychology -- not only social psych through your research but also the entire field through your tenure as APA President -- you richly deserve the best of mellow times ahead, as a civilian!

I think you're allowed to stay active as an observer/participant, no?

All the best wishes, and congratulations on your next experiment!

Michael Fenichel
United States

Dear Dr. Zimbardo,

Congratulations on your retirement. Instead of five, I hope that the Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory will yield a one factor solution for you: future prosperity and wellness!

With kind regards,

Bob Fennis
Free University Amsterdam


Best wishes on your retirement and in your future endeavors. You've made many great contributions to psychology and society -- keep it up, even in retirement! But most of all, enjoy yourself (as, I suspect, you've been doing all along).

Bernardo Ferdman
Alliant International University
United States

Thank you so much for your support of high school psychology and TOPSS! "Discovering Psychology" has helped my students understand how psychology influences their everyday lives. Your face will forever be linked in their minds to what psychology is all about.

Best wishes!

Amy Fineburg
Spain Park High School
United States

Congratulations on a wonderful career from one of the old Bronx bunch. The mentoring you provided surely served me well over the years, to say nothing of the research stories for the students.

Your influence has even spread to the next generation of my family. Our oldest, Beatrix, married an academic social psychologist, and they are currently on sabbatical living in Belgium. Now we all know that what goes around comes around. Our youngest, Ari (Lion in Hebrew and Ira backward), is at this moment in molecular bio/pharm lab probabably no more than a few hundred yards from Jordan Hall. He's just started Ph.D. studies there last month.

Hope all is well. Best wishes to you and your family.

Ira Firestone
Wayne State University
United States

You have had an immeasurable impact, conveying psychological science to the public and to students, and influencing generations of researchers with your own high-impact studies.


Susan Fiske
Princeton University
United States

Dear Dr. Zimbardo (or should I call you Phil? :),

Congratulations on your retirement! To this day, I cherish my memories as an undergraduate in your Psychology of Mind Control course -- including studying the recruitment techniques of the Hare Krishna, and the letter you sent me congratulating me on my grade in the course. Thank you for the encouragement, support, and advice you have given me for pursuing a career in social psychology. I have so appreciated your care and mentoring. I wish you all the best in your retirement. I am sure you will continue to lead an exciting and enjoyable life!

All the best,

Monique Fleming
University of Michigan
United States

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