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Dr. Zimbardo,

The undergraduate social psychology classes I teach would be far less interesting if it weren't for you! And I am not talking just about all of your terrific research articles that I cover. I am talking about your other more "visible" work as well -- for example, the very popular series Discovering Psychology (especially the segment on "The Power of the Situation"), and the Discovery Channel show "The Human Zoo." I taped The Human Zoo, and my social psychology students and I discuss and analyze it every semester. What a wonderful resource for examining social psychology in action! The students find it interesting, entertaining and memorable.

My Research Methods course has also benefitted from your work, especially from studies such as the Stanford Prison Experiment. I am thankful that you videotaped parts of that experiment. The video is a great teaching aid. I also appreciate the SPE web site. It is evident that you care about teaching and about providing these important resources for students (and colleagues!).

When you became President of APA, it was a great step for social psychology. I think your contributions as APA President were great. Most notably, your efforts to "publicize" our important work.

When I mention your name in my classes, I have described you -- and will continue to describe you -- as one of the most influential contributors to the field. I am fortunate to have seen you speak at conferences, and am sad to think that your retirement may mean the end of such speaking engagements for you. But, I want you to know that your work has helped me to be a better teacher and researcher. Even though we have never met, you have impressed and inspired me (and, I'm sure, countless others!)!

Best wishes in your retirement!

Amy Eischeid
The College of William and Mary
United States

Thanks for giving a researcher instruments for teaching.

Per Eisele
Malmö University


Thanks for all your wonderful contributions to the discipline. I wish you much joy in your newfound time and pursuits, but hope you won't disappear from the psychology scene altogther.

Best wishes,

Nancy Eisenberg
Arizona State University
United States

When Phil arrived at Stanford it was like an orchid in a daisy patch, a swath of red velvet sweeping across a khaki world. We graduate students were exhilerated, and felt that Phil was one of us, because the khaki people seemed to sneer at him with the same sneer that was so familiar to us.

Life became exciting. We watched a porn movie in class, we were invited to smash up cars to document the effects of deinidividuation, we had fun.

At the same time, we learned to be teachers. Phil made us videotape ourselves teaching, and watch the tapes with him. I tried hard to get out of this, but didn't succeed. In my teaching evaluation, Phil said I might be good in small seminars, but I learned more than that from him, and was good with crowds, and eventually we taught Introductory Psychology together.

Phil is brilliant. On every dissertation committee I have been on with him, beginning with my own, he has made theoretical and methodological suggestions that nobody else made, and that immeasurably improved the research.

And Phil is someone you could really count on when you were in trouble, when you were uncertain about whether you were any good, when you needed a place to stay. Many psychologists, now well known, might not have been able to stay the course without Phil's support at a crucial moment. Many ordinary people got a lifeline from Phil when they most needed it.

So Phil, I'm grateful that you came into my life.

Phoebe Ellsworth
University of Michigan
United States

Dear Prof. Zimbardo,

I want to take this opportunity to wish you a happy retirement and thank you for all that you've done for our field. As a psychologist, you have influenced so many of us, improved the quality of psychological research in a number of areas, helped the public recognize the importance and joy of psychology, and most importantly educated many others. We all appreciate it.

Nurcan Ensari
Alliant International University
United States


It was a pleasure working with you on your personal website and the websites for a few of your classes. I consider it an honor to continue hosting on my server.

Steven Enstad
Stanford University
United States

Dear Phil,

There is so much to celebrate about your life and career. Your brilliance, dedication to teaching, and research, have taught a nation and has crossed borders across the world. Without being "clinical," your work has nevertheless helped innumerable people understand the world around them and their minds, and improve their lives. Psychology has never been so interesting or fun before you, your PBS series, and Psychology and Life.

You are incredibly inspiring! But most importantly, you are a truly compassionate, loving, kind soul. We admire you with all of our intellect and heart.


Elissa Epel & Jack Glaser (and little Danny at 2)

Elissa Epel
University of California, San Francisco
United States

You've been the ultimate role model for thousands of colleagues and students. Your new challenge: to show us all how to "retire"! All the best, always....

Robert Epstein
Psychology Today
United States

Dear Phil,

Shuka and I wish you a happy and productive retirement. May you enjoy many years of good health and high spirits and let all of us around you continue to benefit from your wisdom, originality and humorous outlook on life.

Dalia Etzion
Tel Aviv University

Nos conocemos desde hace tiempo. Ti hija es nuestra hija americana. Tu amistad nos ha honrado a mi y a mi familia. He disfrutado de tus conversaciones y de tus enseñanzas. Sabes lo mucho que te apreciamos yo e Isabel, también mis hijas Laura, Eugenia y Clara.

Gracias por haberme permitido ser tu amigo/discípulo.
Queremos estar contigo y con tu familia en esta fecha memorable.

Garrido Eugenio
Universidad de Salamaca

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