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Phil has been a fantastic catalyst and support for me. I heard him for the first time in person 2 years ago, at an APA Practice Directorate meeting. As a psychologist, I had read his work and known about him for many years. I was so impressed by his passion, vitality, and vision for psychology. I was feeling discouraged in my volunteer advocacy work for Psychology in British Columbia and I decided to write to him. Astonishingly, he wrote back and encouraged me in my work. It made a huge difference to me. He was so supportive and was able to move things forward, including our participation in WPA and a panel at the APA Convention comparing US and Canadian Psychology.

Amazing, energetic, passionate, caring, supportive, inspiring...he's a great leader and mentor, with such a big heart...and he's sexy, too!! ...and looking at those pictures, I can see he has been making the girls swoon for a long time.

Thanks Phil...I hope we can stay in touch..

Trish Crawford
British Columbia Psychological Association

Dear Phil,

You are and always will be an inspiration to the rest of us. We admire you, laugh with you, learn from you, connect to you, connect to psychology through you, and without being hyperbolic, I want to say that we love you and cherish what you represent.

All this is true for many many psychologists around the globe.

And for me personally, Phil, let me say that I am also jealous as hell that you are retiring.

You're great!


Faye Crosby
UC Santa Cruz
United States

Congratulations on a career that influenced the way we think as psychologists. I was an undergraduate in psychology when I was first exposed to your work. It was impressive then and continues to shape the way we view humans as a social beings. My term as past-president of Division 16 (School Psychology) ended as yours began. As an academic, it was a pleasure to see your energy and creativity as president of APA. May your retirement be as much or more fun than your time in the professoriate.

Jack Cummings
Indiana University
United States

From one New Yorker to another, congratulations. I have listened to your every word as if a student, honoring you when appropriate. I do applaud those who stand up to be counted. Hopefully you are now freer to travel to Washington. My husband Eb and I would welcome the opportunity to invite you to the Cosmos Club to a celebratory meal when that fits your schedule.

Leila Dane
APA Division 48
United States

Dear Dr. Zimbardo,

I remember with fondness the 1988 San Diego State University Psychology Department Student Research Conference. You were our keynote speaker. You were so generous with your time and wisdom. You treated the students as colleagues. You were so involved in conversation with us over dinner that you almost missed your flight. I had to race you to the airport, and even then you were still giving of yourself. One of the things I admire most about you is your genuine interest in and support of student research.

Thank you for all you have done, and happy retirement.

Carene Davis-Stitt
DeltaNet Management Consultants
United States


It's been a personal and professional pleasure to know you lo these many years, from when I was a junior faculty member at Stony Brook in the late mid-1960s to the present. It's hard for me to imagine you not spreading The Good Word at Stanford, but I assume you will not be idle during your formal retirement.

I send you my warm good wishes.

Gerald Davison
University of Southern California
United States

You did an outstanding job, Sir.

Congratulations - Aloha,

Pat DeLeon
American Psychological Association
United States

To me, Phil Zimbardo and Psychology have been synonymous and always will be. You are a calluses. Live long and prosper.

William Dement
Stanford University
United States

"Some of the most wonderful people are the ones who don't fit into boxes."

That certainly is true of you, and I know you'll continue to be creative, since retirement is your moment of freedom. Warm regards and best wishes for a wonderful future.

Florence Denmark
Pace University
United States

Congratulations and thank you!

Phil, you inspired us to study psychology and, moreover, to become teachers ourselves. Your passion for learning and "giving psychology away" has always been contagious. Our most important goal is to pass on as much of that enthusiasm as possible to our own students, thus inspiring future generations of psychologists.

Brian and Jerusha Detweiler-Bedell
Lewis & Clark College
United States

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