Here are 483 retirement messages from some of your colleagues:

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Phil, it has been a true pleasure working with a luminary like you. Rare is the academic that can put so much effort into both his research and his love of teaching. The energy you put into your students seems boundless and is quite an inspiration!

Best wishes for the future, and thank you for all of your contributions to our field.

Vijoy Abraham
Stanford University
United States


Thank you again for your gracious acceptance of the Ig Nobel, and your challenging and enlightening talk at Emmanuel! May your retirement be full of improbable wonders.

Robin Abrahams
Emmanuel College
United States


When I was an undergraduate psychology major in the 1970's, your work was already legendary. What an honor it was then for me to serve on the APA Council of Representatives during your presidency.

Best of everything in your retirement...

Dan Abrahamson
Traumatic Stress Institute
United States

Hi Phil,

I've really enjoyed our brief conversations at various APA functions over the last decade. Best wishes on your retirement!

William Addison
Eastern Illinois U., Society for the Teaching of Psych.
United States


Thanks for the passion for the field, the good humor, and the excellent softball games. Best wishes for your next course in the feast of life!

Tony Ahrens
American University
United States

Dr. Zimbardo,

I have been teaching Psychology for 19 years at Clayton High School in suburban St. Louis, Missouri. I have been using your Discovering Psychology videos for most of those years, and have loved your wit and insights for all these years. I also have my students read an article about deceptive research that prominently features some research you did about hypnosis, deafness, and paranoia. My students (approximately 1500) have learned a tremendous amount about psychology and academia from you. I hope some of my students will personally write a note, too, for we have enjoyed getting to know you and will miss your humor and scholarship. Good luck in your retirement and good mental health!

David Aiello
Clayton High School
United States

You have served psychology well, Phil, making all of us even prouder of our discipline. Our university was delighted by your gracious attention during your candidacy for APA President, and I was pleased to add my wholehearted support for your candidacy. The friendship that ensued was even more rewarding. Here's hoping that retirement really will mean more time for friends and all the things that have been put on hold.

Best wishes to you and Christine!

Judith Albino
Alliant International University
United States

Phil, it has been my most distinct honor and privilege to have come to know you over the past two years on COR. In addition to being an extrordinary psychologist and teacher, you are a most warm and caring human being. Your contributions to psychology are truly outstanding and certainly well recognized, but your influences in the enthusiasm and zest for psychology with which your students and others who come into contact with you develop are unique. That part is not in the text books! Enjoy your retirement and, please, stay involved with psychology. We need you.

Glenn Ally
APA Council Rep Louisiana
United States

In appreciation of your contribution to our field, I send very best wishes to you on your retirement.

Judie Alpert
New York University
United States

The Stanford Prison Experiment was one of the studies that got me hooked on social psychology, and now I look forward to teaching it to a new generation of social psychology students. I like your style.

Bill Altermatt
Hanover College
United States

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