This page is designed to honor the retirement of Philip G. Zimbardo, former president of the American Psychological Association and one of the great names in social psychology.

From humble beginnings in the South Bronx, Dr. Zimbardo went on to become a professor of psychology at Stanford University, where he conducted the now-classic Stanford Prison Experiment. An award-winning teacher, Dr. Zimbardo has also hosted the PBS television series Discovering Psychology and authored more than 300 books, articles, and chapters, including Psychology and Life.

Here are excerpts from more than 750 tributes you will find in these pages, sent from more than 25 countries:

  • You meet many people on the journey, but some are ablaze in neon lights. Phil gave us cause for sunglasses!!

  • I have not forgotten when I first met you -- descending from a plane in Austin in your black Z cape with the armadillo marching band blaring in the background. This is my kind of guy, thought I. Steve Martin played at being a wild and crazy guy -- but you are the real thing. (View photo)

  • Lots of folks do lots of research, but yours had that Zimbardo flash that took us "around corners" that changed the flow and direction of social research. Who would have guessed such a contribution from a shy, deindividuated fellow like yourself?

  • Kudos to you for giving the field a voice and a face; I think that you, more than anyone else in the history of our field, truly gave psychology away.

  • Just thought you should know that our intramural soccer team, "Stanford Prison Experiment," is doing very well. (Guards play offense, prisoners play defense, naturally.)

  • Phil Zimbardo retiring [is] the perfect oxymoron.

  • You walk -- or drive -- along Stanford's campus and are a star. There's a reason why. Not too many people in our world have touched lives the way you have.

  • You're the best -- has anyone else in psychology ever done so much for so many?

  • We love you and cherish what you represent.

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