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Kevin Siswandi

Kevin Siswandi

"Fools rush in where angels fear to tread" -- Alexander Pope

I love building impactful data products and creating data science & engineering solutions that help organizations scale their businesses. One important aspect of my work is to leverage social psychology to tell a compelling data narrative.

At present, I develop artificial intelligence solutions by blending mathematics and computer science to solve hard scientific problems in biology, medicine, finance, and physics. My work ranges from deep learning for computer vision to machine learning in bioinformatics.

- A Machine Learning Workflow for Biochemistry |
- Deep Learning for Computer Vision |
- Next-Word Prediction App | (demo) and (slides)
- DIY HPC and Linux Clusters |

- Data Science in Bioinformatics |
- Mathematical Methods for Medicine |
- Applications of Deep Neural Networks in FinTech | (slides) and (handout)

- Optimized Numerical Methods for Correlated Quantum Systems |
- Introduction to AI for Medicine |

Primary Interests:


  • Master of Science, Mathematics and Computer Science

    Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg
  • BSc. (Hons), Physics

    National University of Singapore

Work Experience

  • Statistician

    University Medical Center Freiburg
    October 2020 - present
  • Data Scientist

    NCS (SingTel Group)
    January 2016 - July 2017
  • Software Analyst

    Agency for Science, Technology, and Research
    November 2013 - December 2015

Languages Spoken

  • Chinese

    Advanced proficiency
  • German

    Advanced proficiency
  • Indonesian

    Native speaker

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Kevin Siswandi
Freiburg im Breisgau

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