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 Seeking Unpublished Correlations Among Couples
Posted by: Gregory D. Webster
Title/Position: Associate Professor
School/Organization: University of Florida
Sent to listserv of: SESP
Date posted: July 27th, 2017

Esteemed Colleagues:

We are conducting a meta-analysis on sexual satisfaction and relationship quality in romantic couples (e.g., relationship satisfaction, commitment, etc.). We are seeking correlations from unpublished studies, including papers that are in press or preparation, conference presentations (talks, posters), and theses and dissertations that measured the variables in question for both members of the romantic dyad.

To be included, studies must include:

• A measure of sexual satisfaction
• A measure of relationship quality
• Both of these measures from BOTH members of the romantic couple (i.e., male sexual satisfaction, male relationship quality, female sexual satisfaction, and female relationship quality)

We are specifically interested in obtaining the 4 x 4 matrix of zero-order correlations among these variables (i.e., all 6 correlations). If you have reliability information (alpha) for any of these measures, please include it as well.

If you have these correlations for non-heterosexual (e.g., same-sex) romantic couples, then please consider sharing them as well.

If you have the correlations we are seeking, or if you have any questions, then please contact us by August 31, 2017 at:

Many thanks,

Elizabeth Mahar, M.S.
Gregory Webster, Ph.D.
University of Florida

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