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 Network Service Desk Engineer
Institution/Organization: Field Engineer
Job Location: New York, U.S.A.
Contact Person: Riya
Date Posted: September 26th, 2019
Web Site:

A Network Service Desk Engineer has to be prepared for working in a fast-paced working environment and has to be able to identify and deal with problems quickly.Apart from what is shown as part of the network service desk engineer job description, they have to be prepared to provide a quick response to any issues that arise. A business will expect network service desk engineer skills to include the ability to diagnose and solve problems when they occur, providing help desk support for the network.

While giving priority to any issues the staff may have, they should be able to gather and analyze information that will result in identifying sources of errors and resolve performance issues.

They are also responsible for documenting security procedures and standards and will deal with third party vendors to evaluate benefits and costs. This can involve in-depth analysis and research on customer networks.

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