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 Postdoctoral Researcher/SIte Director
Institution/Organization: University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Job Location: West Virginia, U.S.A.
Job Type: Postdoctoral
Contact Person: Dolores Albarracin
Date Posted: May 22nd, 2019
Web Site:

Postdoctoral Fellow /Site Research Director HIV Prevention and Testing

We are looking to fill a Postdoctoral Fellow/Site Project Director position with funding available for up to 5 years starting this Fall. The successful candidates will be a University of Illinois employee housed in the state health department of West Virginia (Charleston) and will participate in several NIH grant-funded initiatives. The research aims to develop and test technology-based public health responses to the HIV crisis in difficult to reach regions and includes drug and sexual transmission.

This project director will ensure recruitment of participants and community partners, contribute to the research design, author research publications, and help write grant reports. They will have an opportunity to work with a highly interdisciplinary, collaborative, and dynamic research group that meets regularly and includes leading scientists (and other fellows) with expertise in several disciplines including: social and health psychology, social work, epidemiology, health communication, social determinants of health, and public policy.

Basic Qualifications:
(1) Ph.D. in public health, psychology, sociology, social work, social epidemiology, nursing or a related field,
(2) Experience conducting relevant research,
(3) Comfort with online platforms or social networking sites (like Facebook or similar),
(4) and valid driver’s license required.

If interested, please email an expression of interest and CV to Dolores Albarracin at

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