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Khaos WolfKat

Khaos WolfKat

Learning is a lifetime avocation!

I tend to be a defier of labels, though I do hold a great many beliefs which are often associated with varying such labels. If one makes assumptions based on one or two things they know about me, they are likely to be disillusioned at best.

I have many passions, including music, reading, education (furthering my own and educating others), animal rescue, holistic healing, spirituality, the Earth, finding wonderment in all things, enjoying nature, whether a strip of garden along a busy street, out in the middle of the National Forest, or anything in between, my fine cigars, chocolate (86%+ cocoa), and coffee (organic, fair trade, shade grown, bird friendly. Yes, I am an elitist! LOL).

I love camping, spending time with my dogs (and your dogs, and strangers' dogs, and...) and grandkids, volunteering for several organisations, being silly, web design, and lots of other things.

I am a vocalist, writer of poetry, lyrics, erotica and commentary, a professional geek, minister, soap maker, herbalist, friend, lover and worshipper of life in all it's greatness.

A more involved description of me can be found here: , though do be warned - it isn't all rainbows and kitties!

Primary Interests:


  • None earned - Coursework only, Music Theory

    North Seattle Community College
  • None earned - Coursework only, Psychology; Music Theory

    Seattle Central Community College
  • None Earned - Coursework only, Psychology

    Highline Community College
  • GED

    Seattle Indians of all Tribes

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Khaos WolfKat
Seattle, Washington
United States

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