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 NYU Undergraduate Summer Research Internship
Posted by: Yael Granot
Title/Position: Doctoral Student
School/Organization: New York University
Sent to listserv of: SPSP
Date posted: February 24th, 2012

Undergraduate Summer Research Internship in Perception and Motivation

The Social Perception, Action, and Motivation Lab at New York University, run by Dr. Emily Balcetis, is inviting applications from enthusiastic undergraduates interested in gaining comprehensive research experience in areas spanning perception, social cognition, motivation and self-regulation. This summer program runs approximately 8 weeks, usually during June and July. Exact start and end dates will be decided based on the overall availability of applicants.

The SPAM Lab summer internship is designed to give motivated undergraduates an opportunity to engage in all aspects of the research process. Interns will be part of designing study materials, conducting research studies, entering and analyzing data, and presenting their findings. Interns will attend weekly lab meetings to discuss the latest research developments in our field, as well as workshops on various parts of the research process (e.g. data analysis, article writing) and tips for navigating graduate school applications.

Students will be expected to spend approximately 20 hours a week involved in internship-related activities. This will include running laboratory experiments as well as studies "in the field" at various New York City locales (Central Park, Washington Square Park, Brooklyn Bridge).

This is a unique experience to work directly with graduate students and faculty in a hands-on research capacity, and is ideal for students eager to go on to graduate study in psychology. Past SPAM Lab interns have gone on to graduate work at prestigious universities.

Additionally, interns will have plenty of time to explore New York City and the various special events (many of them free!) that summer in the city affords (Shakespeare in the Park, Battery Park outdoor film series, weekly fireworks at Coney Island, and a slew of other concerts and performances). Interns do not receive financial compensation, however, it is possible that interns will have access to on-campus dorm housing at reduced rates.

The deadline for applications is March 7th, 2012. For more information and a copy of the application forms, please contact Yael Granot,

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