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 Research Assistant
Institution/Organization: Stanford Graduate School of Business
Job Location: California, U.S.A.
Contact Person: Nicholas Hall
Date Posted: December 16th, 2011
Closing Date: February 15th, 2012
Web Site:

The Stanford Graduate School of Business Behavioral Lab is hiring a Research Assistant to begin in August 2012. These position is ideal for individuals recently graduated from undergrad and looking to gain research experience in a social psychology laboratory. The job description is below, and the direct link to the position is here (Job 45890):

Applicants are encouraged to apply right away.

Position Summary:

The Behavioral Lab at the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) is hiring a full-time Research Assistant for a one-year term, with a possibility of a one-year renewal. The Lab consists of approximately 30 faculty and Ph.D. students conducting a wide variety of experimental research in social psychology, organizational behavior and marketing. For further information about the Behavioral Lab, please visit our website at:


The research assistant (RA) provides direct research support to the faculty and students at the GSB Behavioral Lab. Research support, about 80+% of time, may consist of running experiment sessions, programming computer-based studies, data coding and entry, gathering field data, and performing literature searches. In addition to research support, roughly 10% of time, the RA will provide administrative support for the Behavioral Lab. Administrative support may include communication with members of the participant pool, maintenance of the Lab website and participant pools, coordinating lab space scheduling, and ensuring the laboratory space is maintained.


The research assistant must be and independent self-starter who can take initiative, see projects through to completion, and understand the unique priorities and demands of lab-based experimentation. Excellent computer skills (word, excel, Qualtrics, MediaLab, DirectRT, etc.) are essential; statistics ability desirable. An ability to balance multiple, competing projects working with multiple faculty and doctoral students is a must. The RA is responsible for maintaining a consistent and constant presence in the lab. Responsibility, contentiousness, flexibility, and the ability to get along with multiple personalities is important. The RA may also have opportunities to sit in on lab meetings, and seminars. Supervision may be minimal or intensive, depending on the project; the successful candidate should be able to work well with both styles.

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